Earlier this month, Marvel Studios released its first “Special Presentation” on Disney+, “Werewolf By Night”, which is a single extended episode, which is longer than your usual Disney+ series episode, but shorter than a movie.

And recently, it was rumoured that Marvel Studios is going to be using this format more often on Disney+, with a “Nova” Special Presentation currently in development, and the next big Marvel release on Disney+ is “Guardians Of The Galaxy: Holiday Special”, which is also similar in terms of the format.  One of the reasons Disney is planning on using the “Special Presentation” format more, is that it’s much cheaper to produce than a full series or film.   Now that Disney+ is established and getting feedback/data from the previously released Disney+ series, we will probably see many specials hitting our screens in the future.

One of those new “Special Presentations” that is apparently currently in development is one based on “Silver Surfer”.    This character is the herald of Galactus, who scouts out planets in advance for the planet eater to consume.

According to The Cosmic Circus , this special will not be set on Earth and set out in the deep of space.   “Silver Surfer” will be an isolated story and will not interact with any cosmic characters that have already been established in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

This special has apparently been inspired by Netflix’s “The Sandman”, but with a cosmic spin and might be released a few months before “Fantastic Four” hits cinemas in February 2025.  As always with the Marvel schedule, things change, but apparently, this special must be released before the film.  This could indicate that Galactus could be the main villain of the upcoming “Fantastic Four” movie, and this “Special Presentation”, helps establish the character.

The Silver Surfer has already appeared on the big screen before, in the 20th Century Studios film, “Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer”, which is available on Disney+ in many countries.

It’s important to note, that Marvel hasn’t officially announced a “Silver Surfer” Special Presentation for Disney+, and this should still be considered a rumour.

Would a “Silver Surfer” Special Presentation be suitable for Disney+?

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Roger Palmer

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