She-Hulk must defend herself against trademark infringement claims in the latest episode of the Disney+ and Marvel Original Series, “She-Hulk: Attorney At Law.” Titania has trademarked the name She-Hulk, so Jennifer Walters must find a way to prove that she used the name in a professional or personal sense so that she can be allowed to keep using it. In the end, she purposely humiliates herself in court to win the case. And we learn more about a person who makes special suits for superheroes and get an amazing Easter Egg.

This episode felt a bit uneven for me. The good is we finally get to see more of Titania. I’ve been begging for more of Titania since episode one. She was promoted as the big bad and I want to see more of the villain. I hope this means we will get more of her going forward. I’m glad we saw her in the courtroom and I hope we get to see her in a fight with She-Hulk. I also enjoyed seeing how far Jen was willing to go to win the case. She was willing to humiliate herself to save the name that she originally didn’t even want. She is embracing the She-Hulk side of her and that’s something necessary for the show to grow.

Unfortunately, a lot of the rest of the episode fails for me. I like the potential of a friendship between Pug and Nikki, but I wasn’t a big fan of how they were used here. I like that they found someone to make new suits for Jen, but I also didn’t really like how they did it. It was a lot of missed potential for me. That doesn’t mean any of it is bad, just that it wasn’t to my personal liking.

Let’s talk about my two favorite parts of this episode. First, there was no big super cameo in this episode. There were people who will only appear in this episode sure, but there’s no “Twitter armor” as Jen said last week. So far, we’ve seen Bruce Banner, Emil Blonsky, Wong and the Wrecking Crew. We know we’re going to get Daredevil at some point. But that doesn’t need to happen every episode. I think a cameo would’ve actually hurt this episode so that was a great decision. The other thing I loved was the Daredevil Easter Egg. Yes, we know he’s coming. But giving us some foreshadowing before giving him to us is the right move. I’m very excited for their meeting without thinking he was plugged in for a cheap pop. That was well done.

This was my least favorite episode of the series, but I still enjoyed myself. I’m excited to see where the Titania story goes and I’m excited for the appearance of Daredevil. I’m also curious if the rumors of the Leader showing up by the end are true or not. We know Kevin Feige announced at D23 that the Leader, first introduced in “The Incredible Hulk” film will return in “Captain America 4,” but I wonder if we will get him in something Hulk related before then, especially with the arrival of the ship in the first episode. Marvel has me hooked every week with this show.

Ranking: 3.5 stars

What did you think of this episode of “She-Hulk?”

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