Jennifer Walters is still representing Emil Blonsky and is finding a way to get him conditionally released from prison in the latest episode of the Disney+ and Marvel Original Series, “She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.” While she’s trying to represent her client, we learn more about Wong and Blonksy’s battle in the underground fight club in “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.” Meanwhile, Jennifer’s coworker, Pug, must find a way to represent Jennifer’s former coworker, Dennis, who was swindled out of $175,000 when a shapeshifter convinced him he was dating Megan Thee Stallion. That’s quite the sentenced to type.

Let’s get my obvious blunder from last episode out of the way. I made a joke about Blonksy’s “seven soulmates” being a harem before stating I thought he was referencing what would become the Thunderbolts. Apparently, the harem was closer to the truth. During his parole hearing, seven women gathered hoping to hear that he would be freed. That’s impressive they went that route. With the “Thunderbolts” movie announced, and the knowledge that the Abomination is a member of the Thunderbolts in the comics, I’m still expecting a reference to Blonsky joining them at some point, but we will have to wait and see on that front.

Wong is my favorite guest star so far on this series. I like Bruce Banner and The Incredible Hulk, but he’s expected to make at least one appearance in a She-Hulk show since Bruce and Jen are cousins. I like seeing Emil Blonsky because Tim Roth is an incredible actor, and we are bringing back a forgotten part of the MCU from a film that was honestly better than some people want to give it credit. But Wong is the second-best part of the “Dr. Strange” franchise after Dr. Strange’s cape. He is my favorite human part of both “Dr. Strange” films, his comment about being the Sorcerer Supreme in “Spiderman: No Way Home” was great, and he was enjoyable part of “Shang-Chi: and the Legend of the Ten Rings.” He comes in here and does a wonderful job as comic relief in the A story.

The B story was silly but amazing. I love how we are supposed to detest Dennis and yet still root for someone representing Dennis. We all know that person who is so delusional, they will believe it when they are getting duped by an obvious lie. Dennis represents that so well, and I loved seeing Jen get to deliver the testimony that he is delusional. He wins the case, but he loses overall, because it’s revealed how much the people that have to put up with him don’t like him. Dennis would probably be the most fun character to play on this show.

I’m really enjoying how meta this show is. I know that’s not for everybody, but it’s working for me. I love that she breaks the fourth wall like she’s Zack Morris on “Saved By The Bell.” I loved her referencing that this wouldn’t be a “guest star of the week” type of show and then recognize that all three episodes have had major guest stars. I loved how the show took on negative social media comments that are driven not from legitimate criticism but from dislike something because it’s different. That has happened far too many times for actors in far too many series and it’s nice to see it put on blast.

This has been a fun first 3 episode and I can’t wait to see where the series goes from here. We saw a group of thugs try to get Jen’s blood, so we are finally getting some action to go with the legal comedy aspect of the show. We finally get to see Jen embrace the She-Hulk character instead of reluctantly taking the mantle. This is good and I think it will get better.

Ranking: 4 stars

What did you think of this episode of “She-Hulk: Attorney at Law?”

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Jeremy Brown

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