Disney CEO Bob Iger has spoken out on many occasions about wanting to take advantage of the many established franchises it owns, and one of those brands that has become very important to Disney is “The Simpsons”.

The hit series is currently in its 35th season and is one of the most-watched shows on Disney+ worldwide.   Over the past few years, Disney+ has released several original shorts featuring characters from the iconic animated series, but due to a long-standing agreement with the Fox channel, Disney still isn’t fully able to utilise “The Simpsons”.

But another possibility is that Disney might be developing a second “The Simpsons Movie”.   The first film was released in 2007 and pulled in over $500 million at the box office worldwide.   The other big advantage a new “Simpsons Movie” has, is that the budget would be drastically less than a typical Disney Animation or Pixar film, as the last one cost just $75 million to create.

Recently, it was announced that 20th Century Studios was teaming up with James L. Brooks for an upcoming movie, “Ella McKay”.  James L Brooks has worked on many films over his career, including “As Good as It Gets” and “The Simpsons Movie”.

It’s been suggested by a prominent industry insider, The InSneider, that “Ella McKay” was greenlighted as part of an agreement to get James L Brooks back to write a second “Simpsons” film. 

Over the years, there have been many rumours about a potential second “Simpsons” film. Back in 2014, it was revealed that James L. Brooks was approached by 20th Century Fox to create a sequel.  There was also talk of a sequel multiple times over the years and Disney had postponed the development of a sequel in 2021 due to the pandemic. 

And only last year, Yeardley Smith, who plays Lisa Simpson, said:

“I do think that there will be another [Simpsons] movie, so there’s your clickbait. I have no idea when. I will say one of the issues is — it’s such a labor-intensive show behind-the-scenes… that to siphon off any group of actors to basically engage in another full-time job [and] to write and animate a full-length film, is untenable at the moment. But that doesn’t — that’s just today. I do really believe that there will be a [Simpsons Movie 2].”

Officially, Disney hasn’t announced that a second “Simpsons Movie” is in development, but while we wait for a second “Simpsons” film, you can catch previous seasons of “The Simpsons” plus “The Simpsons Movie” on Disney+ now.

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