National Geographic is providing a lot of shark related comment for the month of July on Disney+, including the documentary, “Raging Bull Shark,” which looks at how this particular breed of shark is the most common to attack people. The documentary teaches about both the feeding and mating habits of the bull shark, how it’s able to survive for long periods of time in fresh water, and why they seem to be the ones most likely to attack humans. We also hear from some shark attack survivors about the moments before they were attacked and how it’s affected their lives.

This is a very informative and educational documentary. I live in an area where the majority of sharks big enough to attack people are great white sharks and most don’t get close enough to land where I swim. Simply put, the water is too cold, at least right now, off the coast of New England for bull sharks to come this far north. But I have family in the Southern United States, and I may want to go swimming in the oceans near them, when I can. It’s something I will have to be on the lookout for along the Gulf Coast.

Bull sharks like warmer water and can swim in very shallow depths. They also have a gland that helps them maintain salt to survive if they go up a freshwater stream. This makes them more dangerous and more likely to attack people because they can go where more people are. We even learn about a pair of bull sharks that managed to survive months in a freshwater pond on a golf course in Australia because flooding caused them to be swept into the freshwater area and they were trapped when the waters receded. That’s a genuinely scary thought.

The most intriguing part of this documentary to me was when a bull shark tried to take on a hippo. These are two creatures that you usually don’t see near one another as hippos hang out in fresh water, but as the documentary explained, the bull shark can go pretty far inland in fresh water. In a one-on-one encounter, the bull shark might have won, but since other hippos joined in to help the first one, the hippos came out victorious and the bull shark fled. It was an odd sight, but one I’m glad I got to see caught on camera. I’m also glad I wasn’t anywhere near either animal.

I love shark documentaries. I love learning about sharks. Last July was one of the most fun times for me to be subscribed to Disney+ and I’m excited to get to do it again. Sharks are amazing creatures and some of the fiercest predators you will ever see. And these documentaries are entertaining and informative.

Ranking: 4 stars

What did you think of “Raging Bull Sharks?”

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