Boats in the ocean waters are seeing an increase in the number of sharks attacking the boats. Now, a team of scientists is trying to determine why sharks are drawn to attack boats in the National Geographic documentary, “Jaws vs. Boat.” The scientists encourage the sharks to attack their boat and to try to see […]

Can sharks change colors to confuse their prey? That’s the question of team researchers is trying to answer in the National Geographic Documentary “Camo Sharks.” The pair of researchers use a color board while taking pictures and videos of sharks in an effort to see if they really change color or if something else is […]

As the United States sees an increase in shark sightings, teams take to the air to get a bird’s eye view of how many sharks are close to beaches in the documentary, “Sky Sharks.” Teams use drones and planes to discover thousands of sharks making their way near people and trying to determine how much […]

National Geographic takes an in-depth look at some of the more delicate and vulnerable aspects of the lives of sharks in the nature documentary, “50 Shades of Sharks.” Go on a journey to learn about the mating habits, hunting habits and eating habits of several different species of sharks. You’ll learn about many biological differences […]

National Geographic is providing a lot of shark related comment for the month of July on Disney+, including the documentary, “Raging Bull Shark,” which looks at how this particular breed of shark is the most common to attack people. The documentary teaches about both the feeding and mating habits of the bull shark, how it’s […]

Disney has announced details on this year’s “SharkFest”, which will be taking place for a month from July 10th 2022.  This year’s “SharkFest” will see National Geographic release 30 new hours of brand new content and 60 hours of “enhanced” programming, to make it the biggest “SharkFest” ever. All of this new content is going […]

Disney’s ESPN has released a new clip from the upcoming 30 For 30 documentary, “Shark”.  Directed by Jason Hehir (“The Last Dance”) and Thomas Odelfelt, the documentary examines the legendary career of professional golfer Greg Norman, and how it was shaped by one stunning day at the Masters Tournament in 1996 Greg Norman played the […]

Disney’s ESPN has released a trailer for the upcoming 30 For 30 documentary, “Shark”, which is going to premiere on April 19th at 8:30 p.m. ET on ESPN. The film will be made available on ESPN+ immediately after its premiere, along with the rest of the 30 for 30 library. Greg Norman played the game […]

National Geographic has announced details on this years “SharkFest”, which is coming to the National Geographic Channels and for the first time on Disney+. The must-sea summer event swims onto screens Monday, July 5, with the premiere of the marquee SHARKFEST special SHARK BEACH WITH CHRIS HEMSWORTH at 9/8c, preceded by the first episode of […]