On November 12th, Disney is celebrating the second anniversary of the launch of its streaming service, Disney+. On the day, subscribers to Disney+ will be treated to new content releases across the service’s iconic brands, Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and Star in international markets, along with a special presentation on Disney+ for fans with breaking news, first looks, new trailers, exclusive clips, and appearances from Disney+ creators and stars.

Some of the What’s On Disney Plus team, including Josh M Shephard, Ethan Holloway, Jeremy Brown, and Corban Anderson, have got together some of their predictions for what we might get to see on Disney+ Day.

Roger – A Better National Geographic/Disney Channel Release Schedule

This one might be a bit of a stretch. Still, I believe Disney+ is missing out on the benefit of so much new content being released each year, because Disney still hasn’t entirely been able to disconnect from linear television releases. Personally, I’d love for an announcement to align releases for shared shows between the traditional channels and Disney+, either next day releases or ideally the same day. Disney already does this for Hulu with its ABC series. Disney+ could have such a boost of original content weekly from the Disney Channel and National Geographic channels. Generally, cable and streaming services appeal to different audiences. Those that primarily use streaming services for their entertainment, aren’t subscribed to traditional cable packages. So offering the latest episodes of shows like “Running Wild With Bear Grylls” or “The Ghost And Molly McGee” at the same time, would be a benefit to both platforms, since the new episodes can be advertised for both at the same time. It’s a bit of a long shot, but things have been improving lately, but this is something I really hope is announced. And I don’t think Disney is anywhere near ready to close its Disney Channels like it has around the world, so this is the next best thing.

Corban – Ms. Marvel Trailer

Since October has been relatively dry for MCU content (just one episode of What If?), I expect Disney will have a strong Marvel presentation ready for Disney Plus Day. I’m sure they don’t want to overshadow the highly anticipated Hawkeye series, which is slated to release in late November, but I expect that Disney will provide some type of first look, teaser, or even a full-length trailer for Ms. Marvel. The Ms. Marvel series is likely the next MCU project for Disney Plus, so I’m hoping they set our expectations high with a Disney Plus Day trailer!

Josh – Trailer for Inspiring Basketball Biopic ‘Rise’

From Remember the Titans to Miracle, Disney has a long tradition of inspiring real-life sports movies. Even though Safety last year disappointed a bit (see here), we may yet see Disney return to form.

NBA power forward Giannis Antetokounmpo — who grew up in Athens, Greece with his large family, including fellow NBA champions Thanasis and Kostas — has had a remarkable journey to pro sports. With Disney working direct with the star and his family on this film, hopefully it’s an unvarnished and dramatic take on his journey.

Jeremy – A New Muppets Special

Since Bob Chapek took over as CEO, we’ve seen a bit more of a focus on the Muppets. “Muppets Now” appeared on Disney+. A new Sam the Eagle themed restaurant opened at Disney World and we got the “Muppets Haunted Mansion,” which has seen some pretty strong review so far. Plus, the Muppets have knocked Christmas specials out of the park before. I think we’ll see an announcement for a planned Christmas special that will be coming to the service in either 2022 or 2023. 2.

Corban – The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder Date Announcement

Disney has seemed to be hinting at this series for a very long time with various panels, featurettes, and announcements throughout 2021, so I would love to get some confirmation of when we can expect to watch this series on Disney Plus! The Proud Family was a huge hit on Disney Channel, so I’m sure fans would tune in to check out how life for Penny Proud and the rest of the family have changed in the 20 years since the show’s original premiere. A Louder and Prouder trailer would be nice too, but I’m just staying optimistic at this point for a date announcement!


Roger – Ink & Paint Trailer

One of the first documentary series announced for Disney+ before it launched was based on the book “Ink & Paint: The Women of Walt Disney’s Animation”. It tells the story of animation at Disney, from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to Coco and Moana, through the prism of an unsung workforce of trailblazing women who helped create some of the greatest animated movies of all time. This project has been floating around for years, so it would be nice to see it finally see the light of day.

Ethan – Percy Jackson Series Offical Confirmation

Despite seemingly dozens of blog posts from the author of Percy Jackson (Rick Riordan) Disney hasn’t yet “officially greenlit” the Percy Jackson series at least according to Rick himself. So far we have seen an animated teaser of the logo, we know they’ve put out a casting call for an actor to play Percy and have already formed a writers room, but I think at the Disney+ Day event they will come out and officially confirm Percy Jackson has been greenlit and give an expected release year, most probably it’ll be 2023 or 2024.

Jeremy – Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi Trailer

I feel confident enough to guarantee that we will see an “Andor” trailer on Disney+ day for its 2022 release. But, that’s not the only new “Star Wars” show set to be released in 2022. After some delay, the “Obi-Wan Kenobi” series is set to hit Disney+ in 2022. I expect that we will see a trailer for it as well, given how much buzz there has been around the return of Ewan McGregor. I think they’ll want to get as much information out about that as soon as possible.

Corban – Aladdin: Live from the West End Trailer

Since the release of Hamilton on Disney Plus last year, it seems that more and more filmed versions of stage productions are being released on streaming services, so adding the West End’s rendition of Aladdin to Disney+ is bound to be a smash hit! Of all of the predictions for Disney Plus Day, this one is probably the most far-fetched, but I have been eagerly anticipating an announcement about this stage show for months! Disney Plus Day doesn’t currently have a huge musical project lined up for the announcements (with the exception of the Frozen Fever short film), and I’m certain that Aladdin: Live From the West End would be a welcome addition. This project has been rumored as “coming soon” for over a year, but I would love to see it land onto Disney+ just in time for the holiday season!

Ethan – Announcing Unconfirmed Marvel Series:

My final prediction is Disney will confirm several Marvel series that has been rumoured but have yet to be confirmed, some of them include an untitled series on the deaf superhero “Echo” as well as another rumoured “Wakanda” series that isn’t related to the one Ryan Coogler is working on as well as the untitled “Marvel Studios Women” series. Marvel has said to have 31 projects currently in development including a truckload of Disney+ series so expect Marvel to confirm at least two new series or specials on November 12th.

Josh – ‘Rocketeer’ Update and More from David Oyelowo

Many critics believe that Disney+ only gives budget to Marvel and Star Wars, claiming Netflix has locked up all the best talent. But Disney’s talent deal with actor-producer David Oyelowo — known for films like “A United Kingdom” and Captive — tells us they’re serious about storytelling.

The first Oyelowo project announced is a sequel to The Rocketeer. That sort of franchise pic is great and gives us reason to be excited. But what about some smaller-budget pics from this producer, perhaps something historical or inspirational similar to Clouds and Togo? Disney+ can and should be more than just brands.

Roger – Theatrical Releases Highlights

While Disney+ Originals are obviously going to be a massive draw for Disney+, one of the most significant assets that Disney has, are its theatrical releases. I could easily see Disney+ release dates being revealed for its next wave of titles, including “Eternals”, but also highlighting its 2022 theatrical release slate, including “Doctor Strange And The Multiverse Of Madness”, “Turning Red”, “Lightyear”, and “Thor: Love & Thunder”, which will all be available on Disney+ within the next year. It would be great if Disney could also confirm if it will continue with the 45-day theatrical release window for these films, but they might want to keep that closer to their chest.

Internationally, Disney+ also benefits from getting even more content from 20th Century Studios and Searchlight Pictures. So in the next six months, it could also highlight “Ron’s Gone Wrong”, “Antlers”, “The French Dispatch”, “West Side Story”, “The Last Duel”, “The King’s Man” and many more. These are all considerable additions to the Disney+ library over the next year. In the US, these titles are still locked into going to HBO first, but that contract expires at some point in 2022, but I doubt they will focus too much on that.

Josh – New Disney Doc Project from Leslie Iwerks Announced

I’ve gone on the record already as less than enthused about Disney Plus Day, because it’s doubtful we’ll get much regarding legacy films and TV series. But there’s one way that Disney could make it up to core fans.

Director of The Imagineering Story, Leslie Iwerks, has said (including to D23) that her team wants to do several other Disney+ series, including one related to the upcoming Disney 100 Year Anniversary. Please pick one, Disney, and greenlight the next Iwerks and Co. docuseries.

Jeremy – New Marvel TV Show Trailer

Marvel is expected to release three new series to Disney+ in 2022, “Ms. Marvel,” “Moon Knight”, and “She-Hulk.” I’m not entirely sure which order these series are expected to be released, but I expect on Disney+ Day, we’ll get a trailer for at least one, if not all 3 of these series.

Ethan – Kingdom Hearts Series Announced:

Recently Disney held an event to promote upcoming movies and TV series for Asia Pacific countries and one of the most popular suggestions for a new animated series is Kingdom Hearts. Kingdom Hearts was rumoured to get a new 3D animated series back in May of 2020, so I feel at Disney+ Day they will announce that Kingdom Hearts is officially getting a Disney+ series and we may possibly see a trailer if so as it would have been in development for a year and a half.

Roger – International Originals Showcase

While most of the focus will no doubt be on Disney+ Originals being released everywhere, including in the US, I can’t help but think that Disney will also want to make some noise for its international originals that will be heading to Disney+. Until recently, we’d have called them Star Originals, but lately, Disney has dropped advertising Star as something different from Disney+. Just referring to them as just original shows.

With the addition of the Star general entertainment brand, we’ve seen some big shows added to Disney+, including “Only Murders In The Building”, “Love, Victor”, and the upcoming “Dopesick”. So it wouldn’t be a huge surprise to have a highlight reel showcasing some of the big new shows coming exclusively to Disney+ internationally, like “The Old Man”, “The Dropout”, “Pistol” and “How I Met Your Father”.

With lots of other FX and ABC shows available to showcase like “Queens”, and “The Wonder Years”, it would make sense to show these to international fans, to show Disney+ at full strength. While I’d love for an announcement about Star being added to Disney+ in the US and Latin America, I just don’t see it happening this year until Disney sorted out Hulu.

What do you think we are going to see announced during Disney+ Day?

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