Last year, Australian broadcaster Nine signed a deal with Disney to bring movies and shows to its streaming service, Stan. The deal between Stan and Disney is reported to be only a short term deal for a year, since Disney wants to launch Disney+ globally.

This past week at the Macquarie conference, Nine Entertainment Co chief executive Hugh Marks spoke about the short term deal and how it effects Disney+.

Here are a few key quotes from the event:

“Disney as a business needs to find avenues for all of its content in the Australian marketplace. Launching Disney+ is not the only solution,”

“They actually need to find a Fox solution, at the moment they’re split between Seven and Foxtel, and they’ve got to find a Hulu solution as well,”

“We’re in talks with all of the major players. We will see if there’s an opportunity to work in partnership or on some way with businesses like Disney, including Disney+, where we can participate or partner with them in some way in our market,”

“The business would’ve still added subs without Disney.  Disney is a part of the business but it is not the driver of Stan on its own.”

Stan looks to be a short term option for Disney to reach an Australian audience, while it waits to launch Disney+ and Nine’s Hugh Marks seems to be open to working with Disney, however does seem to be reaching out to work with other companies.

It does seem like Disney’s relationship with Stan is based on a temporary benefit to both companies.

However Disney have yet to confirm any plans for its Australian release.


Source – Sydney Morning Herald

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