Marvel Studios is developing a number of projects for Disney+, and one of those shows is “Wonder Man”, which will star Yahya Adbul-Mateen II in the title role.

Officially, Disney hasn’t announced any details on the upcoming series, though it’s likely that we see confirmation of the show’s existence at this year’s D23 Ultimate Fan Event in August.

The upcoming series follows a new character, Simons Williams, who, in the comics, is a scion of a wealthy industrialist, and his company is losing out to Tony Stark’s Stark Industries. Williams goes to work for the villain Baron Zemo, who gives him ionic talents like extreme strength. Wonder Man ultimately switches to being a hero and teams up with the Avengers.  However it’s important to note that the series might vary from the comic book story.

“Wonder Man” wrapped filming earlier this year after some delays due to the Hollywood Strikes. The show will be released under the new “Marvel Spotlight” banner, which isn’t tied to a mainline “Avengers” story in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, allowing it to stand on its own. “Echo was the first series to be released under this banner.

The upcoming series will consist of ten episodes, though it’s possible that this could change during post-production.

This new series will star Ben Kingsley, who will also return as Trevor Slattery. Lauren Glazier and Demetrius Grosse will also appear. Destin Daniel Cretton, director of “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings,” is creating the new series, which Andrew Guest is working as the Head Writer.

Roger’s Take:  With Marvel Studios cutting back out how many releases it puts out each year, with “Ironheart” and “Daredevil: Born Again” hitting Disney+ in 2025, I wouldn’t be surprised if “Wonder Man” gets held back until 2026, so it gives them plenty of time to make it as good as possible.

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