Earlier this year, Apple released a brand-new device called the Apple Vision Pro, which seamlessly blends digital content with your physical space by using your eyes, hands, and voice.   Disney has been committed to the new device, with a special version of Disney+ being released alongside the device earlier this year.

Today, Disney has announced details on the first-ever interactive Disney+ Original story, “What If…? – An Immersive Story”, which is going to be coming exclusively to the Apple Vision Pro.

This new one-hour interactive special has been created by Marvel Studios and ILM Immersive. It will allow fans to step inside the Multiverse like never before and have the chance to dive into an immersive, narrative-driven and innovative story in mixed reality. Throughout their journey, they will come face-to-face with Multiversal variants of their favourite characters, learn the mystic arts, and be tasked with harnessing the power of the Infinity Stones.

“What If…? – An Immersive Story” is connected to the critically acclaimed Disney+ Original animated series “What If…?”. It will be released as its own separate app, rather than being available within Disney+.

Marvel’s executive producer Brad Winderbaum said in a statement:

“What If…? the animated series as well as the comic book has always been about looking over the horizon into realities that have yet to be conceived. What If…? – An Immersive Story takes this one step further and actually allows you to visit these strange new worlds, not as a Watcher but as an actual participant. The creative work on this project is nothing less than stellar and we could not be more excited for fans to interact firsthand with some of their favorite Marvel heroes.”

And the specials director and executive producer Dave Bushore said:

“As a kid, my favorite stories were about worlds beyond my own, advanced technologies, and heroes traveling across space and time. What If…? – An Immersive Story is the next evolution in how we tell our stories, where fans across generations can experience them and live out the adventure alongside their favorite heroes. This experience kicks the door open to the Marvel Universe, and it’s a glimpse of what I’ve been waiting for my whole life.”

The Walt Disney Studios EVP/Chief Technology Officer executive producer Jamie Voris also said:

“This experience is truly groundbreaking and unlike anything we’ve done before. It’s an exciting new way to become a part of the MCU through a deeply emotional and compelling story.”

“What If…? – An Immersive Story” is directed by Dave Bushore at Marvel Studios and produced by Shereif M. Fattouh at ILM Immersive. The Experience is written by David Dong and Phil McCarty (The Learning Curve), with music by Oscar-nominated and Emmy-winning composer Laura Karpman (American Fiction, The Marvels). “What If…? – An Immersive Story” is executive produced by Bushore, Fattouh, and Brad Winderbaum (What If…?, X-Men ‘97), with Bryan Andrews (What If…?, Primal) serving as consulting producer. Vicki Dobbs Beck, VP of immersive content at Lucasfilm and ILM Immersive, Mark S. Miller, VP of creative development and production at ILM Immersive, and Jamie Voris, EVP/Chief Technology Officer at The Walt Disney Studios, all serve as executive producers.

No release details have been announced, but details will be released soon.  But for those of us without a Apple Vision Pro, we can at least watch the previous two seasons of the series on Disney+.

Roger’s POV:  It’s certainly interesting to see Disney expanding its storytelling opportunities within the Apple Vision Pro, but this does feel more like another expensive tech demo to see if this type of technology works.  This isn’t a bad thing; Disney should be experimenting with other mediums, especially if it takes off.  Hopefully, this interactive special will be made available for other platforms later down the road because, with an Apple Vision Pro costing over £3000, I can’t imagine this particular special alone is going to move that many items.  But I’m still glad they’re trying something new.

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Roger Palmer

Roger has been a Disney fan since he was a kid and this interest has grown over the years. He has visited Disney Parks around the globe and has a vast collection of Disney movies and collectibles. He is the owner of What's On Disney Plus & DisKingdom. Email: Roger@WhatsOnDisneyPlus.com Twitter: Twitter.com/RogPalmerUK Facebook: Facebook.com/rogpalmeruk

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