The second season of Marvel Studios’ “Loki” is currently being released each week on Disney+, but that isn’t stopping fans from wondering about the future of the show and, more importantly, where we might see Loki turn up next.    This is the first and only Disney+ Marvel series to consist of two seasons and while executive producers have been clear that the show was apparently planned to be a two-season story arc, that doesn’t mean that the “book is closed” on more adventures with Loki.

During a recent interview with Deadline, to promote the show, since none of the actors are able to do so due to the actor’s strike,  one of the show’s executive producers Kevin Wright, was asked about the possibility of more seasons of “Loki” in the future, to which he replied:

“We take it season by season, and there are certainly things that Tom and I and other casts have talked about of where we see this going, and I know there’s some excitement for that internally, but just from a storytelling standpoint, I think we always conceived of seasons 1 and 2 as a whole. That these are two chapters of the same book, and that season two is finishing that book, and there are other stories to be told there, but I think they would be new books, if that’s not too coy..”

When the first season of “Loki” ended, at the end of the credits, we were teased that there would be another season of the show, especially since it ended on a cliffhanger, which apparently, this second season won’t, as Kevin added:

what I will say is it’s not a cliffhanger. We want to be able to deliver real fulfillment in what we’re doing, but I do think it’ll be exciting and unexpected and everything people like about this show.

This ties in with another interview that Kevin did with Collider, where he teased there would not be a season two cliffhanger:

I would say Season 1 and Season 2 were developed and created as, like, kind of two chapters of the same book. We felt pretty strongly, all of us involved, that Season 2 was about closing that book but that there are many other books on the shelf for this character and for this world. But this felt like it wanted to be the conclusion of these great things that we set up in Season 1. We don’t want to constantly leave people with drastic cliffhangers for our finales.

While it might be good on one hand for “Loki” to finish the story at the end of the second season, to properly wrap it up, because “Loki” is my favourite Marvel Disney+ show, I’m kinda hoping Kevin is telling some white lies about this and a third season is also on its way to help fill in the gaps, since this series is helping set up the big bad villain for the next Avengers movies, “Kang Dynasty” and “Secret Wars”, along with continuing to advance the multiverse storyline, it’s likely we’ll see more of Loki at some point, maybe during the next Deadpool movie, which is also going to be dealing with the multiverse.

And following the recent news that Marvel Studios wants to head in a different direction with its shows, instead of churning out multiple limited series, focusing on multi-season shows, the success of “Loki” could certainly be something they continue with, at least during the multiverse saga.

There’s also the added benefit, that while we have seen Loki die on many occasions, including on the main timeline when Thanos snapped his neck in front of his brother, hopefully, at some point in the future, we could see Loki step out of the TVA and rejoin his brother on another adventure in the future.

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