With Disney drastically cutting back on the number of films and Disney+ shows, Marvel Studios can create to help combat superhero fatigue, improve the quality of new projects, and, ultimately, save money. 

One of the projects apparently impacted is “Nova”, which will introduce the cosmic superhero, Richard Rider, into the MCU. 

Richard was randomly chosen to join the Nova Corps until the Annihilation Wave destroyed them all, leaving him imbued with their combined power. Guided by the super-intelligent Worldmind computer, Richard Rider wages a one-man battle for justice as Nova.

Marvel has already featured the Nova Corps in the first “Guardians Of The Galaxy” film, so the rumours of Nova being introduced into the MCU have been floating around for a while.

Disney has never officially confirmed that a “Nova” project has been in development, but this week, Marvel executive Brad Winderbaum appeared on Phase Zero podcast to promote the new “X-Men ’97” Disney series and confirmed that Marvel Studios is in early development on a “Nova” project.

“We love Nova. We are in really early development on Nova. We have a new system behind the scenes at Marvel Studios. We’re more like a traditional studio now. We are developing more than we actually will produce. So, there are plans to develop Nova. I love Nova too. I love Rich Rider too. I hope it gets to the screen. You know, the world is chaos. There’s always things. It’s hard to make anything. You’ve got to kind of conjure these things to make them happen, But, I would like to see a Nova show one day.”

It’s still unclear if the “Nova” project would be a movie, a Disney+ series, or a Special Presentation, but with multiple shows, including “Agatha”, “Ironheart”, “Wonder Man”, and “Daredevil: Born Again”, currently in stages of production, if this project ever gets out of early development, it might be a few years away.  And it’s important to note that Brad was very clear that not everything in development gets made, so it’s still possible that it might not happen.

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