Last week, Marvel Studios released the season two finale of “Loki” on Disney+ around the world. Critics and fans have praised it, as Loki took his place at the centre of time as “God Loki”, interlinking the multiverse together and finding his glorious purpose.

The epic finale features some fantastic special effects and helps set up the future of the multiverse while also wrapping up the hit Disney+ show after two seasons.

During a recent interview with to promote the show, “Loki” executive producer Kevin Wright was asked if he would like to see “Loki” shown on the big screen:

“I would love it, and I’ll say this… obviously, the sound mixing is different for streaming versus theatrical. We did do a theatrical mix of the finale, and that was always like a, ‘Who knows?’ It’s something we talked about with Disney, depending on when the strikes ended and getting everybody together. Depending on how people react to this finale, we’ve got a version that could be.”

It’s certainly interesting to hear that Disney had discussions about potentially releasing the “Loki” finale in cinemas. Had the actor’s strike been extended into next year, I could have seen Disney doing something like that.  But with the box office disaster of “The Marvels”, Disney might want to keep Marvel out of the cinemas until next summer, when “Deadpool 3” arrives in July.

However, Disney is always happy to make a quick buck and doing a small limited theatrical run is something that they’ve recently been doing with some of their classic animated films for the company’s 100th Anniversary, and they will also be doing a limited one-day theatrical re-release of “Abyss” in December.

Disney also released “Ms Marvel” in cinemas in Pakistan, since Disney+ doesn’t operate in that country. 

I’ve been lucky enough to have been to a few special early screenings for “Moon Knight”, “Secret Invasion” and the debut of “Loki”, where they were shown on the big screen, and it’s certainly a different experience watching a Marvel product with a large audience, and when you’ve got big screen actors starring in these shows, you easily forget your watching a TV show and not a film.

And earlier this year, at Star Wars Celebration, I got to watch an episode of “The Mandalorian” along with thousands of others on a huge screen.  It was a fantastic experience.   All of these experiences highlight how the quality of these Disney+ shows isn’t too different to a theatrical release, bar the running time!

So, never say never.

In the meantime, you can find both seasons of “Loki” available to stream on Disney+ now.

Would you have liked to have seen the “Loki” finale on the big screen?  Let us know on social media!


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