Last Halloween, Disney released a new documentary called “Monster Inside: America’s Most Extreme Haunted House” on Hulu around the world, which tells the story of Russ McKamey, who is the creator of the world’s “most extreme haunted house” – McKamey Manor. He is also a manipulative abuser, according to three people who realize the horror is never over once you decide to enter the Manor. 

Following the documentary’s being released on Hulu, the attention it received resulted in concern from state officials about the business, which has resulted in Russ McKamey filing a new multi-million dollar lawsuit against Hulu, the production company North of Now Studios, and Justin Yerace, who was a participant in a documentary.

According to the Tennessean , The lawsuit has been filed by McKamey’s attorney, Davis Griffin, and they are seeking a jury trial for $8.4 million in damages because Russ’s emails were shown during the documentary, which was an invasion of his privacy and a violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

Justin Yerace, who appeared in the documentary, is also included in the lawsuit because Justin created a Facebook group called McKamey Manor Exposed and admitted in the documentary to obtaining McKamey’s emails by calling the company and requesting the password to McKamey’s account.

In a statement from Russ’s attorney:

“It’s bad enough that Mr. McKamey’s email account was hacked and his most personal emails published on the internet by an individual with some sort of grudge, but it is beyond comprehension how sophisticated parties like Hulu and North of Now could possibly think that publishing those same hacked emails to over 48 million people was lawful. Imagine that happening to you.

Hulu and North of Now also somehow thought they could feature Mr. McKamey in a central role in their movie without his permission. My best guess is they thought Mr. McKamey would not do anything about it, which was a mistake.”

Just two weeks ago, Russ McKamey also filed a lawsuit against Tennessee Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti, seeking a court order to ensure he won’t have to testify in a state investigation he considers politically motivated.

You can watch “Monster Inside: America’s Most Extreme Haunted House” now on Hulu and Hulu On Disney+.

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