Disney’s ABC Signature Studios and Paramount Television Studios have been developing a new limited eight-episode series, “The Devil in the White City”, for a while and according to Deadline, Hulu has decided not to move ahead with the project.

This new series is based on the bestselling novel by Erik Larson, which tells the story of Dr. H. H. Holmes, a serial killer and the man behind the “Murder Castle” at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, and Daniel H. Burnham, a demanding but brilliant architect who races to make his mark on the world.

“The Devil in the White City” has been in development for a while, with Leonardo DiCaprio purchasing the rights to the book in 2010, where it was originally going to be made into a film at Paramount with Martin Scorsese set to direct, before being turned into a series. The TV version has also been having problems, Keanu Reeves was going to be starring in the series, but then pulled out, and shortly afterwards, the director Todd Field, left the project, with reports that an effort was made to replace them, but that didn’t pan out.

The series was going to be produced by Martin Scorsese, Rick Yorn, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Davisson, Stacey Sher, Sam Shaw, Lila Byock and Mark Lafferty.

While “The Devil in the White City” has been in development having problems, ABC Signature is still committed to making the series and finding a new home, so is trying to find a new home. Disney has done this with a number of other projects recently, such as “True Lies”. Originally the studio was looking to get production started on the series this year, to launch in 2024. Depending on who greenlights it, will determine if this series gets an international release on Disney+.

With the recent news that Disney is putting everything on the table, with regard to Hulu and potentially selling the streaming service, it’s not a huge surprise to see Hulu cutting back on its expensive original shows, especially, as Disney is trying to make $3 billion in cost savings by developing less general entertainment content.
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