As Disney continue the global expansion of its streaming services, it has been picking up different types of content to entertain its subscribers, boost local content and appeal to a broader range of people. One area that Disney has been making some big moves is in the world of Japanese anime, bringing some popular shows like “Bleach” onto its streaming platforms.

The latest addition to Disney’s vast catalogue of content is the Japanese anime series, “Tokyo Revengers”, which has returned with a second season this year.

What Is “Tokyo Revengers” About?

The series tells the story of Takemichi Hanagaki, who is already low and down on his luck, but becomes devastated to learn that the love of his life from his middle school years has been killed by the criminal Tokyo Manji Gang. While Takemichi waits for a train the very next day, he is pushed from behind into the path of an oncoming train. Prepared to die, he instead wakes up to find he has traveled twelve years into the past and is again a middle school student. Now, Takemichi can rewrite history by making different choices in the hopes of preventing the death of his sweetheart.

The series stars A.J. Beckles, Lizzie Freeman, Aleks LeGriffin Puatu and John Omohundro.

How To Watch “Tokyo Revengers”

Unfortunately, because of Disney’s fractured streaming service structure, the second season of “Tokyo Revengers” is available on different streaming services around the world.

  • In the United States, “Tokyo Revengers” is located on Hulu.
  • Internationally, such as in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and in the United Kingdom, the show is available on Disney+

And just to confuse matters, Disney only has the rights to the second season, so to watch the first season, you’ll need to watch it on Crunchyroll.

Hulu is the leading and most comprehensive all-in-one premium streaming service that offers an expansive slate of live and on-demand entertainment, both in and outside the home, through a wide array of subscription options that give consumers ultimate control over their viewing experience. As part of Disney’s Media and Entertainment Distribution segment, Hulu is the only on-demand offering that provides access to shows from every major U.S. broadcast network, libraries of hit TV series and films – including licensed content available exclusively on Hulu – and award-winning Hulu Originals, both with and without commercials. With Hulu + Live TV, subscribers receive a unique combination of access to 85+ live news, entertainment and sports TV channels from 20th Television, The Walt Disney Company, ABC, NBCUniversal, CBS Corporation, The CW, Turner Networks, A+E Networks and Discovery Networks, as well as Disney+ and ESPN+ included as part of the base plan

Disney+ is the dedicated streaming home for movies and shows from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic, along with The Simpsons and much more. In select international markets, it also includes the general entertainment content brand, Star.

Disney+ is currently available in more than 150 markets across North America, Europe, Asia/Pacific, Africa, and Latin America.

To watch Disney+, you’ll need to download the app on a supported device such as a Smart TV, Mobile Phone, Playstation, Xbox or on a dedicated streaming device like a Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV, or Sky Q.

You can sign up on from a web browser on your desktop or mobile device, or by downloading the Disney+ app.

How Many Episodes Are In “Tokyo Revengers”?

Unfortunately, Liden Films hasn’t officially revealed the episode count for the second season.  The first season ran for 24 episodes. However, there are many reports from insiders that the second season will be much shorter, coming in at just 13 episodes.

Here’s a rough guide to when new episodes

When Will New “Tokyo Revengers” Episodes Be Released On Disney+ / Hulu?

Because the series is simulcast around the world, when new episodes arrive on Disney+ does vary slightly, depending on where you live.  The show debuts on Japanese television on Sunday mornings at 02:08 AM.  So in Australia and New Zealand, the show drops on Sundays, but due to timezones, the show is released on Saturdays in Europe and in Canada.

Here’s a rough idea of when new episodes will be released:

Note: This is subject to change

  • Episode 1 – Saturday 7th January 2023 / Sunday 8th January 2023
  • Episode 2 – Saturday 14th January 2023 / Sunday 15th January 2023
  • Episode 3 – Saturday 21st January 2023 / Sunday 22nd January 2023
  • Episode 4 – Saturday 28th January 2023 / Sunday 29th January 2023
  • Episode 5 – Saturday 4th February 2023 / Sunday 5th February 2023
  • Episode 6 – Saturday 11th February 2023 / Sunday 12th February 2023
  • Episode 7 – Saturday 18th February 2023 / Sunday 19th February 2023
  • Episode 8 – Saturday 25th February 2023 / Sunday 26th February 2023
  • Episode 9 – Saturday 4th March 2023 / Sunday 5th March 2023
  • Episode 10 – Saturday 11th March 2023 / Sunday 12th March 2023
  • Episode 11 – Saturday 18th March 2023 / Sunday 19th March 2023
  • Episode 12 – Saturday 25th March 2023 / Sunday 26th March 2023
  • Episode 13 – Saturday 1st April 2023 / Sunday 2nd April 2023

What Time Will New Episodes Of “Tokyo Revengers” Be Released On Disney+ / Hulu?

Unlike the usual release schedule for Disney+ Originals, Japanese anime works a little differently because it is getting a worldwide simultaneous release.

New episodes are released at 2:08 AM on Sunday mornings on Japanese local television, and the global release happens about an hour after the initial episode airs.

So here’s a rough guide to when new episodes of “Tokyo Revengers” will be released on Disney+:

  • Japan – 2.08 am (Sunday)
  • Australia Central – 4.38 am (Sunday)
  • Pacific – 10.08 am (Saturday)  – Hulu in the US / Disney+ In Canada
  • East Coast – 1.08 pm (Saturday)  – Hulu in the US / Disney+ In Canada
  • United Kingdom/Ireland – 6.08 pm (Saturday)

Sometimes episodes can arrive a few minutes later as the servers update, so these times are exact. The Disney+ front page usually updates about an hour later.


Can You Stream “Tokyo Revengers” For Free?

Because of the unique way that “Tokyo Revengers” is released around the world, depending on where you live, will impact on if you can watch the show as part of a free trial.

In the United States, the show is released on Hulu, which offers a free month’s trial. However, in countries with Disney+, uou will need a Disney+ subscription to watch “Tokyo Revengers”, and unfortunately, Disney+ doesn’t offer a free trial.  But if you do sign up for a monthly subscription, you can unsubscribe after a month, or when the series ends.

Where Can I Watch The First Season Of “Tokyo Revengers”?

The first season of “Tokyo Revengers” is currently unavailable on Disney’s streaming services. Instead, the first season can be found on Crunchyroll, which does offer a 14-day free trial.

Are you going to be checking out “Tokyo Revengers” on Disney+ or Hulu this weekend?

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