Shortly after it was announced that Disney now have control over Hulu, Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger spoke at the MoffettNathanson Media & Communications Summit in New York.

During this Question and Answer session, he outlined some of the benefits of Hulu and how it will integrate with Disney+.

One of the biggest ways is that Hulu completes their plans for offering Direct To Consumer products, with a triple threat of products, along with ESPN+.  Disney purchased BamTech in order to have the technology available to them and both Disney+ and ESPN+ are built on their platform.

Disney is now planning on bringing Hulu over onto its BamTech platform, which will allow a single login for all three streaming platforms with just one password and one simple billing system, which allows Disney to collect users data across their one account for their preferences and for advertising.

This single login will also allow them to offer bundles to consumers, which will work out cheaper.  For example, a triple bundle containing Hulu, ESPN+ and Disney+ or just a combination of the two.

“Today, the bundle is still an important part of our business.   There’s much more competition in the world today for people’s time and money. It’s not competition that comes just from Netflix. It’s competition that comes from many, many different directions. When you look at what people are spending their money on today, and the fact that people demand a high price-to-value relationship, when they look at a 150-plus-channel package and they realize they’re buying a lot of channels that they may never find or may not have any interest in watching. I think today’s consumer doesn’t look as positively at that as they once did. … It’s just the way of the world.”

Disney+ and ESPN+ will also be able to be integrated into Hulu, similar to how HBO is offered, so everything is interconnected.

This means Disney+ will be put front and center in front of Hulu’s 28 million subscribers and 2 million ESPN+ subscribers.  And Disney’s attractive price point of $6.99 has been made to encourage as many subscribers as possible.

It also makes sharing content between Hulu and Disney+ easier, since Disney don’t have to ask anyone else for permission to do so.  Sharing between networks is commonplace, only today it was announced that “The Simpsons” would be shared between FX and Freeform.  So this would make it easier for a show like Marvel’s Agents Of Shield, The Runaways or Cloak & Dagger to be shared.

Will you be subscribing to both Disney+ and Hulu?

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