Disney’s next animated short is “Far From The Tree”, which tells the story of a young raccoon, who is taken to a beach in the Pacific Northwest by its mother to hunt and scavenge for food.

While it might look idyllic, things aren’t quite what they seem as the beach is full of dangers, and the mother raccoon is doing their best to protect her youngster.  But when the youngster wanders off while distracted by the wonders of the beach, the mother raccoon has to step in to save her kit.  When the young raccoon later takes her own youngster to the beach, history is almost repeated.

This short is an interesting take on parenting and about how parenting techniques are passed down through the generation, but things can change with lessons learned.

There is no dialogue or narration in this short, but it is able to tell a story based on their actions and facial expressions.  You instantly fill in the blanks because the story is simple, but very effective.  As with all good Disney shorts, this one pulls at your heartstrings, which I always feel makes a short go from good to great.

The animation of the short is beautiful, because it recreates the hand-drawn style from classic Disney films and brings back those feelings of watching shorts as a kid.

One of the things I love about this short, isn’t necessarily the short itself but that the director, Natalie Nourigat, was behind the Disney+ “Short Circuit” short “Exchange Student” and has been given the opportunity to step up to create something that is so great and hopefully the success of “Far From The Tree” will lead her onto better projects.  Showcasing why Disney is so committed to making shorts, because the experience gained is so essential to develop talent.

“Far From The Tree” feels like a classic Disney short that could have easily been released decades ago, but also has a modern undertone, where parental skills can be adapted over the years to achieve a better result.  I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to watch it again when it comes to Disney+ over Christmas.


Rating 4 out of 5.


“Far From The Tree” will be released in cinemas along with the feature film “Encanto” from Wednesday 24th November along.  It will then be available on Disney+ on Christmas Eve.

Roger Palmer

Roger has been a Disney fan since he was a kid and this interest has grown over the years. He has visited Disney Parks around the globe and has a vast collection of Disney movies and collectibles. He is the owner of What's On Disney Plus & DisKingdom. Email: Roger@WhatsOnDisneyPlus.com Twitter: Twitter.com/RogPalmerUK Facebook: Facebook.com/rogpalmeruk

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