Disney has announced that subscribers in the United States are set to get another batch of nine new episodes of the second season of “Dino Ranch” on Wednesday, 9th August 2023, following a recent airing on the Disney Junior channel.

“Dino Ranch” introduces young audiences to the ultimate playground – a working farm and dinosaur sanctuary – and the tight-knit Cassidy family: Ma (Jane), Pa (Bo) and their three adopted kids, Jon, Min and Miguel. And ranch life certainly wouldn’t be the same without their distinctive dino pals: Jon’s speedy raptor, Blitz; Min’s big-hearted brontosaurus, Clover; Miguel’s tiny (but mighty) triceratops, Tango; Pa’s full-grown T-Rex, Biscuit, and Ma’s massively loyal parasaurolophus, Quack.

Young rancheroos worldwide have taken the tight-knit Cassidy Family and their delightful dinosaur companions to their hearts, loving their exciting exploits in the great outdoors. The show follows the action-packed adventures of adopted siblings Jon, Min, and Miguel, and their Ma and Pa on the ranch and beyond, as they go about their tasks of raising their lively dinosaur livestock. Full of fast-riding, high-flying fun, the episodes highlight the value of hard work, teamwork and commitment in stories that tackle the challenges of growing up.

Here are some details on the new episodes that are coming to Disney+:

A Pond Farewell; Tyrannosaurus Wrecks

When Flopper the plesiosaur grows too big for her pond, the dino ranchers need to find her a new home; the junior ranchers face a challenge when trying to get a feisty pair of baby t-rexes to listen.

The Dilo Difference; The Odd Partners

Jon wants to help a Dilophosaurus fit in on the ranch, but the other dinosaurs are startled; headstrong Blitz and stubborn Clara Tinhorn get lost in the Hidden Forest, the two must work together to escape.

Cautious Clover/Gentle Giselle

After Min nearly comes to harm during a rescue, Clover becomes overly protective; Min and Clover mistakenly think a big, gentle Bronto is clumsy.

The Power of Two/Min’s Dino Mite Mistake

When a trio of Rhinorexes blocks Miguel and Tango’s way over a bridge, they’ll have to work as a team in a way they’ve never tried before; on their first visit to the Dino Port, the excited Dino Mites are harder to control than Min anticipated.

Supersauruses- Ride!/A Difficult Dino Doctor Day

Seeing how amazing Biscuit, Angus, and Quack are individually, the junior ranchers plan to put them together as a rescue team, but that proves easier said than done; when Thundertot feels sick, Dino Doctors Min and Clover have their work cut out for them when the baby spinosaur refuses to let them examine her.

Clover Takes Over/You’re More Than Your Roar

When Clover’s overconfidence jeopardizes a medical air mission, the bronto learns to ask for help; when Biscuit gets a case of roaringitis and some egg-stealing Raptors invade the Ranch, Biscuit goes to ridiculous lengths to restore his roar.

Dino Patient Pileup/Sonny Wings it

A large amount of dinos with boo-boos need help at the hatchery; Min needs to find a cactus to make a soothing ointment for some wild stegos.

Twister with a Chance of Thundertot/Flight of the Bubling Ogie

Twister must conquer his preconceptions of Spinosaurs to rescue the baby dino; When Miguel tries to teach Ogie how to fly a pterosaur, he keeps changing his lesson plan every time Ogie fails.

The first season of “Dino Ranch”, along with the first eighteen episodes of the second season, are available on Disney+ now. The show will also be returning for a third season.


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