Disney has announced that the first eleven episodes of the third season of the animated series, “Dino Ranch”, will be coming to Disney+ in the United States on Wednesday 28th February 2024.

“Dino Ranch” – the ultimate playground – is a working farm and dinosaur sanctuary. It is home to the tight-knit Cassidy family, which includes adopted siblings Jon, 10, the eldest and the leader, he is a fast-talking, wide-eyed young cowboy who fancies himself the fastest lasso in the west; super-caring Min, 8, a young dino doctor-in-training; and Miguel, 6, a super-smart, deep thinking, soft-spoken inventor with big ideas. All are training to be ranchers under the sure and steady guidance of their Pa and Ma, Bo and Jane.

Accompanied by their own distinctive dinosaurs, Jon’s speedy raptor Blitz; Min’s big-hearted Brontosaurus Clover; and Miguel’s tiny but mighty triceratops Tango – all also very much part of the family – they discover the thrill of ranch life while navigating the great outdoors through unforeseen challenges. As the three little Dino Ranchers learn the ropes, every day is filled with unpredictable adventures – because at Dino Ranch, trouble can loom like a T-Rex on a moonless night!

Season three of Dino Ranch follows the roarsome success of the show since its launch. Season two launched this summer – bigger, brighter and packed with even more ropin’ & riding fun, including the first tentpole 22-minute special Dino-SOAR!, which introduced flying dinos to the tea.

The new episodes include:

  • Hankie Comes Out of Her Shell; Min’s Missing Care Case. – The hatching of a shy baby Ankylosaur sends Jon and Blitz into a scramble; Min’s confidence takes a tumble when she loses her care case on a Dino Doctor mission.
  • A Dino Mite Graduation; Eye in the Sky – The baby Dino Mites aren’t ready for Flapsy to move to the Pterosaur Barn; Pteddy’s resistance to wearing vision-improving goggles jeopardizes the Dino Ranchers.
  • Clash of the Dinos; Steady As We Go – Jon and Miguel pair up to teach two baby dinos how to share food. On a dinosaur drive through the mountains, Jon discovers that the dinos are comically slow.
  • No Nest for the Wicked; Clara Winhorn! – When Stormwing snatches Pteddy’s nest, the Dino Ranchers mount a rescue mission; Clara Tinhorn lands herself in trouble when she tries to wrangle an angry dinosaur by herself.
  • The Sneakasaurus; Sonny’s T-Rex Turmoil – When someone’s causing mischief on Dino Ranch, Blitz becomes determined to catch them.
  • The Bronto Bully; The Rustler and the Rumbler – Clover has a run-in with a mean, wild dinosaur that takes his toys; when the Jr. Ranchers return a rehabilitated T-rex to its home, Min doubts her doctoring skills.
  • The Yeti-Saurus; Wiggle-Tooth Tango – The gang investigates a dino up on Blizzard Peak, and Miguel’s wild imagination spooks him; when one of Tango’s teeth starts to wiggle, she shies away from all the rough things.
  • A Laughing Matter; Great Minds Think of Ike – Jr. ranchers have a laugh; praise goes to Ike’s head.
  • Grand Ole Tree; a Big Friend for Little Sadie – Tango can’t bring herself to say goodbye to Old Shady, the oldest tree on Dino Ranch; the Dino Ranchers try to match their friend Sadie with a dinosaur companion.
  • The Polka-Dot Parasaur; Dusty the Digging Dino – The green parasaur herd is taken aback when a polka-dot parasaur is born on Dino Ranch; a new type of dino causes some upheaval, but Miguel figures out a way for them to coexist.
  • Some Assembly Required; Angus’s Pride and Joy

“Dino Ranch” was created by Matt Fernandes (of Industrial Brothers) and produced by Industrial Brothers and Boat Rocker in association with CBC Kids and Radio-Canada. Boat Rocker manages global franchise development, including content distribution and consumer products. Animation services for season three of Dino Ranch will be provided by Boat Rocker’s Jam Filled Entertainment. 

The third season has recently been airing on the Disney Junior channel, and the first two seasons of “Dino Ranch” are now available to stream on Disney+.

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