Over the last year, Disney+ and Marvel Studios have graced us with some wonderful streaming series. From ‘Loki’, ‘Hawkeye’, and the currently airing ‘MoonKnight’. Over the last few months, fans of these series have wondered if any of these Marvel shows might end up living on past a first season. The only confirmation of the second season of any of the Disney+/Marvel shows has been in the animated series ‘Whats If?’, and the Tom Hiddleston lead, ‘Loki’.

Well, it seems as if we have more clues as to the future of Marvel Studio’s plans for some of our other favorite shows. According to Variety, Disney has submitted certain Disney+/Marvel shows for specific categories. After plans were set in motion to submit ‘Loki’  in the limited series category, it seems Disney is going to submit ‘Loki’ in the drama category.

Disney will, however submit in the limited series field, ‘Hawkeye’ and  ‘Moon Knight’. It seems as with this new submission to the Emmy categories. There is seemingly no season 2 plans as of now for both ‘Hawkeye’ and ‘MoonKnight’. Marvel also submitted the animated series ‘What If?’ for outstanding animated program. ‘What If?’ was confirmed on Disney+ Day 2021, to be getting a season 2.

As a fan of all these Marvel shows, I do hope one day we do see the continuation of these series past their season 1. The characters introduced in these shows will inevitably end up in theatrical Marvel films. The MCU is an ever-evolving entity, so I wouldn’t write these shows off quite yet. And as the Watcher would say “What If…..?”

Are you hoping for an Emmy’s sweep this year, as ‘WandaVision’ did? Leave a comment below letting us know your favorite Disney+ MCU moment!

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