Last year Bob Iger spoke about the possibility of Disney bundling together their streaming services, Disney+, ESPN+ and Hulu.  During this weeks quarterly financial investors call, Bob Iger spoke once again about the plan to offer discounts and bundles saying:

But what we said when we decided to launch ESPN+ and Disney+ is that rather than creating one gigantic fat bundle of sports, general entertainment programming, and family programming, we thought we’d serve the consumer better by segregating all three. Ultimately, our goal would be to use the same tech platform to make it easier for people to sign up for all three should they want to, same credit card, same username, same password, etc.



But give the consumer the kind of choice we think consumers are going to demand more and more in today’s world. If they wanted to buy all three, we’d give them an opportunity potentially at a discount, or two for that matter, but if they wanted to buy one of them, we believe they should be able two. So, someone who wants sports should be able to buy just sports and so on.

The company already tries to implement their “Disney” account into as many platforms as possible, such as their UK streaming service DisneyLife, their online store, ShopDisney and logging into the Disney theme park app, MyDisneyExperience.  So it makes sense for Disney to try to use a single “account” for all of their applications.

It’s easier for ESPN+ and Disney+ since they’ve built that in from scratch, but Hulu is slightly different, so there might be an issue with connecting those accounts up.  The other big issue with Hulu is that until the Fox deal closes, Disney only own 30% of it, but will own 60% when the deal closes.  They will still have NBC and Time Warner as investors in Hulu with a combined 40% of Hulu.

It does however make sense to try to get subscribers to pick up different options and make it as easy as possible.

Would you like to see Disney offer discounts between its streaming services?

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Roger Palmer

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