More details on the upcoming Disney+ Premier Access launch of “Mulan” have been revealed. According to Deadline, the Walt Disney Company has made agreements with Apple, Google and Roku, to allow Disney+ subscribers to use payments through those platforms, making the additional $30 fee much easier to complete.

This new agreement means that these platforms will take a cut, usually between 20% and 30%.  However, subscribers can also go directly to and make the purchase, which sees all the money go directly to Disney.

Amazon platform payment support hasn’t yet been confirmed, though when Disney+ launched, the agreement was made at the last minute.   Other platforms such as Sky, PlayStation or Xbox haven’t been announced yet either.

Recently Epic Games, Google and Apple have gotten into a legal battle over Fortnite selling its “V-Bucks” currency directly through the video game app, by-passing Google’s & Apple’s payment system, which violate their terms and conditions, as both app platforms would lose their share of the revenue.  This saw Fortnite removed from Google’s and Apple’s app stores.  Microsoft is also having a similar issue with Apple over it’s Project X Cloud app.   This led to speculation that if Disney tries to cut the app platforms out, by getting subscribers to go directly through their website to pay for “Mulan”, Disney+ could have suffered a similar fate to Fortnite.

The other main benefit from Disney partnering with Apple, Google and Roku, is it makes it easier for Disney+ subscribers on those platforms to purchase premier access to “Mulan”, making it much more likely that they complete the purchase.

“Mulan” is coming to Disney+ on September 4th and is only available via “Premier Access”, which is priced at $29.99 and will give early access to the film, before it’s available to all Disney+ subscribers.


Will you be buying premier access to “Mulan”?


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