To accompany the release of a new Latin American Disney+ Original, “The Secret Score,” aka “La Partitura Secreta,” Walt Disney Records has released the series’ soundtrack on digital platforms, including Amazon, Spotify, and Apple.

The series tells the story of Maya and her friends, who find a musical score that grants them magical powers. Together they try to keep it a secret, not knowing that someone with dark intentions is looking for it. As they go on adventures together, they gain a deeper understanding of each other and themselves. Ultimately, they will have to ask themselves if the world is ready for magic.

The soundtrack features original music from the series that has been performed by the show’s cast, which includes Val Dorantes, Juanma Piano, Natalia Coronado, Mónica Plehn, Leonardo Lotina & Michelle Almaguer, Daniel Ábrego & César Acosta

The album features the songs from the show performed by cast members, including Val Dorantes, JuanMa Piano, Michelle Almaguer, Leonardo Lotina, Daniel Ábrego, Natalia Coronado and Mónica Plehn.

Here’s the tracklist:

  • Eres para mí
  • Más Fuerte
  • Cambia
  • Traicionera
  • Amor
  • Tutu
  • La partitura secreta

You can find “The Secret Score” on Disney+ now.

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