It has been revealed by the creator of the Disney+ Original series “Diary of a Future President”, Ilana Peña, that it has been cancelled after two seasons.

The series creator shared the news on Twitter.

“We found out that #DiaryofaFuturePresident is not moving forward with a season 3 at Disney+Of course, we would love to continue telling this story, but I am filled with so much gratitude for the 2 seasons that we did get to make.”

The series ran for two seasons, the first season was released in 2020 and the entire second season was released at once this past August, which was the first original drama series to do so on the streamer.

“Diary Of A Future President,” tells the story of Elena Cañero-Reed, who will one day become President of the United States, but for now, she’s navigating her second year in the jungle that is middle school. As a seventh grader in Miami, Florida, Elena learns valuable lessons that will lay the foundation for her future success. Alongside her best friend Sasha, brother Bobby, mother Gabi, and her mother’s new boyfriend, Sam, Elena documents the pivotal highs and lows of her journey in her trusty diary.

The series was created by CBS for Disney+ and both seasons are available on Disney+ now.

What do you think of “Diary Of A Future President” being cancelled?

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  1. Snorebutt December 13, 2021

    Never watched the show, doesn't really interest me. Of course, if the show was about how Joe Biden becomes president of the US, we'd really be stuffed. Actually, this could be how Season 4 would've ended, had the show not been axed. I'll type it in now. In the series finale, which could be season 4, Elena is finally a grown-up and gets her chance to run for president, only to be defeated by Joe Biden, with his constant gaffing, fumbling and his trademark "Shut up, MAN!" from the electoral debate during the Biden-Trump era. Elena loses, but is comforted by her family and friends for taking a huge choice in her life. A year later, Biden ruins America with mandatory vaccination policies, face mask requirements and the infamous Afghanistan withdrawal, and everyone in the country is miserable. Joe, in a state of panic, tracks Elena down and begs her desperately to take the White House away from him. Elena refuses, because Joe Biden humiliated and embarrassed her on live TV. She tells Joe to "man up", and then leaves him with the following statement, "Let's go, Brandon.". Okay, so maybe this wouldn't have been appropriate for Disney Plus, but this is the perfect way to end the show on Hulu, maybe. Best of luck to the cast, and, although it is extremely unlikely that they will read this comment, I hope they like my ending to DOAFP.