We’re back with another Disney+ Battle. This week, we’re going to focus on two made for TV movies from the House of Mouse. “Halloweentown” is a Disney Channel Original Movie that first aired in October 1998. “Mr. Boogedy” is a 1986 short film that first appeared on The Disney Sunday Movie. Let’s take a look at these two somewhat campy films and see which is better.


The hero of “Halloweentown” is Marnie. The young girl who doesn’t know she’s a witch until she overhears her mother and grandmother discussing their witch powers and how Marnie needs to start her training by the end of the night to become a witch herself. Meanwhile, “Mr. Boogedy” has no real main character. It’s about a family that moves to a haunted house. At different points in the film, different members of the Davis family take the lead. Since there’s no real protagonist in “Mr. Boogedy,” the point has to go to “Halloweentown.”

Halloweentown 1 | Mr. Boogedy 0


The villain of “Halloweentown” is Khalabar, the mayor of Halloweentown. He is the ex-boyfriend of Marnie’s mother and wants to free the citizens of Halloweentown to go out and conquer the mortal world where Marnie and her siblings live. Meanwhile, Mr. Boogedy is the villain of “Mr. Boogedy.” He’s the man from colonial times who accidentally blew up his home trying to convince the woman he loved to be with him, killing himself, her and her son. He now haunts the home trying to scare everyone away while keeping the ghost of the woman he loves away from the ghost of her son. Khalabar is reasonably frightening for a DCOM, but Mr. Boogedy is truly villainous. Point to “Mr. Boogedy.”

Halloweentown 1 | Mr. Boogedy 1


“Halloweentown” is filled with memorable supporting characters. There’s Marnie’s siblings Dylan and Sophie, who are a wizard and witch in their own right; Marnie’s grandmother, Aggie, who inadvertently leads them the kids to Halloweentown; her mother, Gwen, who reveals her witch powers to save her kids; and the many residents of Halloweentown. “Mr. Boogedy” has the members of the Davis family who aren’t taking the lead and Mr. Witherspoon, the creepy neighbor played by John Astin who warns the family of Mr. Boogedy’s presence. Point to “Halloweentown.”

Halloweentown 2 | Mr. Boogedy 1


Neither of these films have outstanding music. There’s no songs that stand out. Simply put, neither film has a banger. They both have a score that helps advance the scenes, but none of them are that spectacular. The best music in either seems to be the ominous music right before Mr. Boogedy appears. I don’t want to give this point to either, but reluctantly, I must award the point to “Mr. Boogedy.”

Halloweentown 2 | Mr. Boogedy 2


Once again, we’ve reached the most subjective category. In my opinion, “Halloweentown’s” memorable moments include: Marnie, Dylan and Sophie following Aggie on the bus to Halloweentown; the first appearance of Khalabar’s as the villain (even though you don’t know it’s him yet;) when Aggie and Gwen are frozen in the theater; Khalabar revealing himself as the villain and the Piper family stopping him. The memorable moments in “Mr. Boogedy” include a sneezing ghost; Mr. Boogedy’s appearance; and a kid accidentally defeating him with a vacuum cleaner. “Halloweentown” is more memorable. Point to “Halloweentown.”

Halloweentown 3 | Mr. Boogedy 2

So, “Halloweentown” wins this battle. But, what do you think? Is “Halloweentown” more memorable than “Mr. Boogedy?”

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Jeremy Brown

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