We are back with another Disney+ battle. This week, one of the most successful films of Disney’s First Dark Age is facing off against one of the package films from Disney’s Wartime Era. It’s a battle between the 1970s and 1940s as “The Rescuers” squares off with “Fun and Fancy Free.” Let’s square off to see which of these is “better.”


“The Rescuers” features two main protagonists, Miss Bianca and Bernard, the titular Rescuers. They take on the mission to rescue Penny, fly to Louisiana to save her and get her back to New York where she is adopted. They are the stars and they are a lot of fun. “Fun and Fancy Free” actually has multiple protagonists because it has two shorter pieces that make up the film. The first is Bongo the Bear who leads the segment called “Bongo.” It was fine, but most of the story happens to him rather than him leading it. In the “Mickey and the Beanstalk” segment, Mickey, Donald and Goofy are essentially Jack from “Jack and the Beanstalk.” They are great main characters, but Miss Bianca and Bernard are better. Point to “The Rescuers”

The Rescuers 1 | Fun and Fancy Free 0


The main villain of “The Rescuers” is Madame Medusa. She is a greedy woman who wants a diamond and has kidnapped a little girl to get it because the girl can reach where the diamond is buried. She also controls two alligators. She is clearly an evil woman. “Fun and Fancy Free” has two main villains; Lumpjaw who wants to win the heart of Lulubelle from Bongo and the giant who wants the three people who climbed his beanstalk to leave him alone. Both are decent villains, but neither is as good as Medusa. Point to “The Rescuers.”

The Rescuers 2 | Fun and Fancy Free 0


“The Rescuers” is filled with memorable supporting characters both helping Miss Bianca and Bernard and standing in their way. Orville, Ellie Mae, Luke and Evinrude help make “The Rescuers” one of the most exciting films between the end of the Disney’s Silver Age and the beginning of the Disney Renaissance. In contrast, there aren’t that many memorable supporting characters in “Fun and Fancy Free” that standout. The only one I can really think of in the moment is Lulubelle and that’s mostly because she was Bongo’s love interest. Point to “The Rescuers.”

The Rescuers 3 | Fun and Fancy Free 0


Neither of these films have any songs that truly standout. They both have excellent scores that drive the plot, but not a lot more. That’s great and makes both films enjoyable, but it doesn’t stick with you beyond the films. For the first time ever, I’m ruling this category is a tie. No points will be awarded.

The Rescuers 3 | Fun and Fancy Free 0


It’s time, once again, for the most subjective of all the categories. The most memorable moments of “The Rescuers” for me are Miss Bianca selecting Bernard as her partner, the flight of Orville, the residents of Louisiana; especially Evinrude, the alligators trying to capture Penny and the escape. In contrast, “Bongo” is not a very memorable short, although it was fun. I mostly remember Lulubelle trying to get Bongo to understand her slapping him is a means of affection and instead slapping Lumpjaw. “Mickey and the Beanstalk” is more memorable, but still doesn’t hold up to “The Rescuers.” Point to “The Rescuers”

The Rescuers 4 | Fun and Fancy Free 0

“The Rescuers” wins this battle. But “Fun and Fancy Free” is definitely an enjoyable film of the Wartime Era. Now, I’m going to toss it over to you. Which film did you like better: “The Rescuers” or “Fun and Fancy Free?”

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Jeremy Brown

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