One of the biggest issues the launch of Disney+ has suffered from is from “hacked accounts”, which are being sold online for just a few cents. Which has caused some subscribers to be unable to watch shows like the Mandalorian.

Following a special event at the Recode’s Code Media conference in Los Angeles, a Disney spokesperson told Deadline:

“We have found no evidence of a security breach. Billions of usernames and passwords leaked from previous breaches at other companies, pre-dating the launch of Disney+, are being sold on the web. We continuously audit our security systems and when we find an attempted suspicious login we proactively lock the associated user account and direct the user to select a new password. We have seen a very small percentage of users in this situation and encourage any users who are having these kind of issues to reach out to our customer support so we can help them.”

To help prevent this issue from happening, make sure you have a strong password that is unique.  If you have been using the same password for years, with other platforms, its best to have something unique.  The reason for this is if there is a security breach with another platform (ie. Patreon, MySpace, Yahoo), those usernames and passwords maybe available online.  And hackers have been using this old information to login to people’s accounts, because the users are using old passwords.

Disney has been blocking accounts, which has been causing issues for users trying to login.  If a user is blocked, subscribers will need to contact Disney’s customer service to have it resolved.

You can contact Disney at:

Telephone – 888-905-7888

Email  –

There are also phishing email scams going around trying to get people to login or send their details, so please be careful.

Disney’s statement does show that the issue isn’t directly with Disney.  However they should look to what their competitors are doing like Netflix, who can force all devices off if there is a password change and also to offer two step verification.  Hopefully Disney is looking into these options, but right now, the main issue is people’s email addresses and old passwords being available online for hackers.

Have you changed your password?


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