The 10th and final episode of the Disney+ Original series, “Diary of a Future President” is a solid end to the first season as it wraps up many of the story lines.

This episode mainly focuses on Elena and how she manages to fix the issue with her friends by getting some inspiration from a female Senator.  It’s very sugar coated and nicely wrapped up in a bow, but I’ll be honest, the story seemed a little too stretched out in the last few episodes.  The show could have done with less episodes, since I found Elena’s whole story arc through the whole season to be a bit flat.  Though in this episode, you got to see more of the “future” version of her coming out, which was nice to see.

Other stories lines in the show include how Gabi comes to terms with loving Sam, following the death of her husband, with Sam stepping up to help Bobby through his issues, by just being there to listen.   Bobby’s story arc throughout the season has been one of the highlights, with him coming to terms with his sexuality.  It’s all been done very slowly, which has helped build up the tension, but it would have been nice to have more closure.  The scene with him in the mirror, coming to terms with his feelings is important, though they still kept it very subtle, so it would be easy for younger viewers to not understand what it means.

One of the things I liked about the ending of this episode, was how it didn’t end on massive cliff hanger.  Its left it wide open for future episodes if they want to explore more about Elena’s time in middle school, while at the same time, everything was kinda wrapped up, so there isn’t really any thoughts about what happens next.

As predicted, “President” Elena closed the episode and season off, which was a nice touch.  I’d love to have seen more of this throughout the series, but it made sense in how they did it, focusing on how the things she’s learned through this season helped build who she was to become.

There are some problems with the show, since it is way too pushy in it’s approach to inclusion in the first episode, to the point where it felt more like a checklist of points to cover.  Later episodes seem to tone down the “woke” side of the show, letting the characters and stories be more natural.  It’s a shame as I’m not sure the show will ever be able to overcome those first impressions for most people.  It tried to do too much, too soon, while also not really covering the subjects it pushed in the first episode, in any more depth throughout the season.

I think the show is a solid addition to the Disney+ Original line up, but it pushed too hard, too quickly, alienating viewers rather than embracing them.  Had they kept the “period” storyline until mid-season, like they did with Bobby’s story, and not mentioned Gabi’s work colleagues relationship statue, leaving it for a more natural reveal in later episodes.  This show might have kept more viewers.

“Diary of a Future President” has been a complete surprise for me, while I don’t think its as good as “High School Musical: The Musical – The Series”, its been able to offer a family friendly drama series and when this final episode dropped, it was the first thing I wanted to watch, mainly to see where Bobby’s story was going to end.   Give this show a chance, or even a second chance, it’s not a must watch, but during these crazy times, you might need to allow a few different shows into your life.

Rating 3 out of 5


What did you think of “Diary of a Future President”?

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