Ever since Marvel Studios announced it was creating original content for Disney+, its been generally focused on creating live-action series, along with animated projects like “What If?” and, most recently, Special Presentations.

Recently, Marvel Studios producer Nate Moore spoke with Deadline, and was asked about Marvel creating films for Disney+, which resulted in a very simple answer.

“No, I mean… and Kevin [Feige], we all are, we’re huge fans of the theatrical experience. And one of the benefits of us being able to do Disney+ series frankly, is that they can co-exist. The series can be on your service and the movies can be in theaters. And that’s something we would like to preserve for as long as we can. And Disney’s been supportive, which is great.”

This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise, since Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has previously told IGN, that they make films with people watching them in cinemas in mind:

“[Every] time we make a film, it is with the expectation of delivering on a promise of an experience, to be experienced together in a theater. And seeing where people laugh or seeing where people get very quiet and still, or where people cheer if we should be so lucky, in moments in the movie…

We spend years and years trying to work up to those moments, and being in a theater and seeing it and seeing it happen, there’s nothing better. Every decision we make is from the point of view of sitting in a crowded theater experiencing the story.”

With Marvel Studios movies often being some of the most successful films at the box office each year, it’s no surprise to see that Disney is in no rush to shift its release format strategy to releasing exclusive films on Disney+.  And now, with Disney focused on making more money than just boosting Disney+ subscriber numbers, it’s not a surprise to see original films aren’t high on their to-do list.

Disney is already planning on pulling back how many films it makes for its streaming service, pushing more films to have a theatrical release.  Plus, with bigger theatrical budgets, Marvel films can push visual effects to create much more explosive films, than would be possible in a Special Presentation or series.

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Roger Palmer

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