Disney+ is getting plenty of new content throughout December in the United States, with new episodes of “Willow”, “The Santa Clauses”, and much more. NOTE – This list isn’t complete and will be updated with new additions as they are announced. The list is also subject to change. Content may vary depending on your country, […]

Hollywood Records has released a brand new episode of “The Big Score”, a Hollywood Records original series, where you’re invited on an exclusive, behind the scenes journey inside the minds of some of culture’s most innovative composers in show business. In this latest episode, focused on the 20th Century Studios’ film “Amsterdam”, we find out […]

It’s that time of the year once again, as Disney has announced that Hulu’s amazing streaming deal is back for its fifth year this holiday season, but only for a limited time. This 2022 Black Friday promotion is one that you don’t want to miss. Starting at 12:00 AM PST on Wednesday, 23rd November 2022 […]

Following on from the massive success of the documentary Disney+ Original series, “The Imagineering Story”, Oscar-nominated directory, Leslie Iwerks, has so many stories and details that were left on the cutting room floor, she wanted to continue the story of the talented Walt Disney Imagineers and has released a brand new book, “The Imagineering Story: […]

It’s been more than fifteen years since Giselle left the fairy tale world of Andalasia, and finally found her Prince Charming in New York City, in the hybrid live-action/animated film, “Enchanted”. Having lived in the city all these years, Giselle and her family decide it’s time to move out to the suburbs for a fairy-tale […]

It’s been nearly thirty years since Santa slipped off the roof and Tim Allen began his Christmas adventure, with two sequels following the original film, it’s still been fifteen years since we last saw the Claus family in action. This new six-part limited series, picks up as Santa and his best elf, Noel, are delivering […]

On Mickey Mouse’s Birthday, Disney is released a brand new documentary that takes a look at the history of one of the most well-known characters that has ever existed. As you would expect, the documentary goes right back to the very start, when Walt Disney started the company and why Mickey Mouse was created after […]

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, much like its predecessor, is one of the most powerful films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It tackles many heavy issues, such as grief and loss, the desire for revenge, and racism. This movie dives into the effects that losing a loved one can have on a person, and the wide […]