Later this month, Hulu On Disney+ is set to leave its Beta testing, which began back in December for Bundle subscribers and introduced the Hulu tile alongside the Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic tiles.

The Hulu tile within Disney+ takes subscribers to a Hulu Hub, which offers thousands of movies and series from Hulu’s library for playback via Disney+. They will have access to extensive Hulu content, including award-winning Originals, next-day TV, and a huge library, without the friction of navigating from one app to another.

The initial Hulu On Disney+ beta program launched on December 6th 2023, without any pre-announcements, as it just became available on day, though Disney had been teasing it would be happening at some point before the end of the year.

Earlier this month, Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed that Hulu On Disney+ would move out of Beta later this month, and it looks like things are starting to happen, as the Roku, LG, Microsoft, and Samsung app stores have recently updated its Disney+ listing, showcasing a brand new Blue and Green Disney+ logo, plus some screenshots of the app have also been given a new green hue background.

These new screenshots still show Disney+ looking almost identical, though the Hulu hub doesn’t have the beta logo on it. 

Very little information has been announced about the full launch of Hulu On Disney+, though it has been confirmed that the Hulu hub will appear for all Disney+ subscribers, regardless of whether they are bundle subscribers. The content won’t be viewable without upgrading, which is ultimately what Disney wants you to do.

The use of a green colour with Disney+ is no doubt blurring the lines between Hulu and Disney+ even more, helping people to start thinking of them as one offering rather than two very different apps.

It’s likely in the next few hours and days that, we will start seeing the Disney+ app updated in many of the different online stores like Apple, Google, etc. as it rolls out across all the different platforms, so don’t worry if you still have the classic blue version!  

Internationally the logo is also moving to a new green colour, which could also indicate a potential rebranding of the Star hub to Hulu, or Disney is just trying to keep things simple. 

This won’t be the first time Disney+ has changed its core colour, as it was initially more purple when it launched, before becoming a variety of different shades of blue.

So if your Disney+ app logo suddenly changes green following an update!  You know why!

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