A former Teacher of the Year in Georgia is revealed to be a sexual predator, and his wife tells the story of how he got caught in the ABC News docuseries, “Betrayal: The Perfect Husband.” Sharing the name of the podcast Jennifer Faison launched to help her cope with the actions of her husband, this three episode series looks at how Spencer Herron had it all, a successful career and a loving family, but lost it all due to his infidelity and abuse of his teacher position.

The first episode of this series is hard to get through just because you spend the entire episode waiting for the other shoe to drop. Episode one puts a major focus on the relationship between Spencer Herron and Jennifer Faison: their dating in college, their breakup and different lives for years and their reunion and marriage. It’s basically 45 minutes of how great this guy is until it drops the bomb that he’s been charged with having sex with a student.

The second episode covers his infidelities that while immoral were not illegal. Jennifer learned of Spencer’s many affairs, including one the week of their wedding, and how he had been as unfaithful as a husband could be. It’s all devastating for a woman to learn this about her husband, but nothing in this episode would’ve landed him in prison, just getting a divorce. This includes affairs with friends and with customers at a wine bar they operated together. It isn’t until the end of this episode the big news is dropped, the student who he allegedly had an affair with was willing to talk on Jennifer’s podcast.

The final episode reveals how much of a monster Spencer Herron was. Rachel, the student who he took advantage of, started sharing her story, first with her mother, then police, then Jennifer and at events around the country addressing this predatory behavior. This episode highlights how Spencer was able to talk his way out of almost any trouble until he finally couldn’t anymore. It’s a scary situation that unfortunately happens all too often in American schools. It’s good to know that he would be sentenced for his crimes. It also

This is a sad subject that has to be covered because of these predators, both men and women, who have been discovered in schools around the United States. It isn’t often the victim is willing to continue talking after the trial is over, but it brings important attention to what happens. It was a very informative docu-series and one that I would highly recommend.

Rating: 4 stars

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