This past weekend, Nexstar announced a new temporary deal that brought back over 159 ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC and CW affiliate channels plus NewsNation back to DirecTV cable customers.  The two companies have been locked in a carriage dispute since July, resulting in many of local ABC’s channels being blacked out. Shortly after the announcement, […]

In the past few days, there have been many reports that Disney has been in early talks with Nexstar about potentially buying some of Disney’s linear channels, including local ABC Stations.  This follows comments from Disney CEO Bob Iger earlier this summer about them looking into different options for their linear channels, since they don’t […]

Following the return of Bob Iger to try to fix the many issues facing Disney, the CEO has been making some drastic changes to the company to prepare it for the future, which will be focused on streaming as linear television continues to decline. Earlier this summer, Bob Iger spoke during an interview with CNBC, […]

Earlier this year, Disney CEO Bob Iger spoke during an interview with CNBC, saying that since his return, he has been looking to make changes to the company and has been reevaluating what their core focus should be on.  He specifically called out the traditional linear business as a side of the company that isn’t […]

ABC News Studios released details on its upcoming documentary, “Sound Of The Police”, which is coming to Hulu on Friday 11th August 2023.  “Sound of the Police” examines the fraught relationship between African Americans and the police, often rife with tension, fear, suspicion and hostility on all sides. Framed by some of the most recent […]

ABC News Studios has released a new trailer for the upcoming documentary series, “Demons and Saviors”, which is coming to Hulu on August 3rd 2023. The three-part series “Demons and Saviors” tells the remarkable story of Christina Boyer– once infamously known as the “poltergeist girl,” now a woman convicted of murdering her three-year-old daughter. Thirty […]

A former Teacher of the Year in Georgia is revealed to be a sexual predator, and his wife tells the story of how he got caught in the ABC News docuseries, “Betrayal: The Perfect Husband.” Sharing the name of the podcast Jennifer Faison launched to help her cope with the actions of her husband, this […]

Nick Fury continues his mission to stop the Skrulls’ secret invasion. Zoey Johnson is off to college where she is “grown-ish.” And America reveals more of its funniest home videos. Let’s take a look at what to watch this weekend on Disney+. SECRET INVASION In Marvel Studios’ new series “Secret Invasion,” set in the present […]

The Emmy Awards are the pinnacle of television success. They are awards presented by an academy recognizing the best in television. In July, the 2023 Emmy nominations were announced, and Disney secured dozens of nominations for much of their programming across both terrestrial television and streaming. And while it may take a while for us […]

Over the past few months, there have been many changes within the Walt Disney Company’s Entertainment division, with thousands of job cuts to save money, along with changing roles and much more. And now there is going to be another big change, as Deadline has revealed that ABC Signature President Jonnie Davis will be leaving […]

Tim “the Tool Man” Taylor makes his Disney+ debut. Nick Fury continues his mission to stop the Skrulls’ “Secret Invasion.” And Lucasfilm gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at season three of the “The Mandalorian.” Let’s take a look at what to watch this weekend on Disney+. HOME IMPROVEMENT The daily trials and tribulations of Tim […]

MORE POWER! With that refrain, an accident-prone television host who was decent around tools would signal that he was about to get into a lot of trouble due to his penchant to put too much into his contraptions on the hit ABC sitcom, “Home Improvement.” The entire series has finally made its way onto Disney+ […]

Disney’s ABC News Studios has announced a new “Soul of a Nation” one-hour special to celebrate hip-hop’s 50th anniversary called “Hip-Hop @ 50: Rhythms, Rhymes & Reflections,” which features some thought-provoking conversations with artists, producers, executives and changemakers in the industry. Honouring Juneteenth and Black Music Month, the primetime special will detail the history of […]

Hot on the heels of the news that ABC has passed on three new pilots, “The Hurt Unit“, “Keeping It Together“, and “Public Defenders,” it has also been revealed that ABC has passed on the pilot of “Judgement”. With the writer’s strike underway, many new projects have been paused or cancelled. Also, Disney is drastically […]