With 2020 coming to an end, I wanted to take a look back at some of the new shorts that have come to Disney+ that were released in 2020. There have been many fantastic shorts throughout the year, especially with the SparkShort and Short Circuit programs.

Here are my best shorts from 2020:

Once Upon A Snowman

The previously untold origins of Olaf are told in this short, which shows us the first steps as he comes to life and searches for his identity in the snowy mountains outside Arendelle. It’s a cute and funny little short that Frozen fans will no doubt love.  This is one of the most popular shorts of the year and who doesn’t love more “Olaf”.


Burrow only just slipped onto Disney+ this past week and is an adorable new short that tells the story of a  young rabbit embarks on a journey to dig the burrow of her dreams, despite not having a clue what she’s doing. Rather than reveal to her neighbors her imperfections, she digs herself deeper and deeper into trouble. After hitting (bed)rock bottom, she learns there is no shame in asking for help.  It’s extremely cute and one of the highlights of 2020.

The Race (Short Circuit)

Grim desperately needs one more soul to win his work competition, but his last scheduled collection at a rigorous bike race turns his world upside-down. At the finish line, he learns that life is not always about the trophy at the end of the race. One of the more stranger shorts, but has a lovely message at the end, which was very touching. As that one last soul just wanted to hug and kiss his wife before he dies. Another short that brought a tear to my eyes. It’s also fun to see Death mistakenly killing lots of people by mistake, it shouldn’t be, but I did have a few laughs at this.

Maggie Simpson In “Playdate with Destiny”

Originally released alongside Pixar’s Onward, this short begins on a day that seemed like just another day at the park for Maggie Simpson. But when Maggie faces playground peril, a heroic young baby whisks her from danger — and steals her heart. After a blissful first playdate, Maggie can’t wait to see her new baby beau again the following day, but things don’t go exactly as planned. Will fate (or Homer) get in her way?


On an average day, Greg’s life is filled with family, love and a rambunctious little dog – but despite all of this, Greg has a secret, which he is keeping from his parents. Today is different, though. With some help from his precocious pup, and a little bit of magic, Greg might learn that he has nothing to hide. This is a groundbreaking short, as it marks the first time Pixar has featured a gay storyline and lead character.  It’s one of my personal favourite shorts from 2020.

Puddles (Short Circuit)

An adventurous young boy discovers that puddles can be portals to a fantastical world, but struggles to get his sister’s attention away from her phone to see the magic in the world around her. This is a lovely short, which is playful and represents how people are missing life by watching their screens. I laughed multiple times throughout the short, especially once the dog was introduced. And the beautiful world within the puddles was amazing. The art style is much more like a modern Disney movie like Wreck It Ralph.

Elephant In The Room (Short Circuit)

A lost baby elephant is taken in by a boy and his father to work on their banana plantation. As the two quickly bond, the boy discovers that his new best friend yearns for her family and home in the wild. A highlight of this shorts collection, the art style is amazing and the story is so touching. The boy and elephant playing together was so fun to watch, but the heartbreak the elephant is in, due to it missing its family is so upsetting but so rewarding at the end. Another must-watch.

Lamp Life

This Disney+ Original short fills in the gap between Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 4, where we learn what has happened to Bo Peep and the three sheep. It’s a charming short that gives Bo Peep a little more time to shine, as she explains to Woody what’s happened and the adventures she’s been up to. “Lamp Life” is a fun little short, that will no doubt please Toy Story fans.


This SparkShort arrived in early 2020 and tells the story of two kids at canoe camp who find themselves adrift on a lake, unable to move forward until they find a new way to connect and see the world through each other’s eyes. This is the first Pixar short to include a non-verbal Autistic character and covers the subject very well. Highly Recommended.

What was your favourite short in 2020?

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Roger Palmer

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