The third instalment in the “Zombies” franchise moves from the Disney Channel to Disney+ and continues the story of Zombie Zed and Cheerleader Addison, who are getting ready to leave Seabrook High and head to college.   But when some aliens arrive in town, everything is thrown into chaos, which is ironic since the high school is full of zombies and werewolves.

If you’ve never seen the first two films, the opening scene of the film quickly gets you caught up on the important notes you need to know about.

As you’d expect from a Disney Channel Original Movie that is set in a high school, it’s packed full of stereotypical American high school antics, including most of the cast being in their mid-twenties and the idea that everything that happens in the final year of high school is the most important thing of your entire life.   It’s all very simplistic.

Obviously, Disney Channel Original Movies are aimed at younger viewers and it’s important that Disney still makes films for this audience, but honestly, I really struggled to sit through this movie, I’m sure fans of the “Zombies” franchise will enjoy this, but I found it so cheesy.   The acting, the story and the special effects are all just so bad.  The only good thing about this film is the dancing and music, which is fun to watch.

“Zombies 3” is fine for fans of the franchise and for younger viewers, but older viewers might just wanna skip it, since the plot is so thin and just a device to move from one dance number to the next.   It’s got a nice overall theme of accepting people, regardless of where they came from, but it is hardly subtle about doing it.

Rating – 1 Out Of 5


“Zombies 3” is coming to Disney+ on July 15th 2022.



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  1. Shyla hopf July 15, 2022

    So I love zombie 3 movies I all ready watch it two time I hand watch this 100 times the the first one and the second one I think there sure be a zombie 4 movie