One of Disney+’s most underappreciated features has always been the content “Collections” within the search page. Since its launch, Disney has added multiple collections to Disney+ including the likes of “Celebrate Black Stories”, “Diary Of A Wimpy Kid”, and “Female Leads”, but there are many more collections that Disney could add to Disney+, so I’m going to go through a few that Disney could add to Disney+ to help navigate its ever-growing catalogue.

Not all the content or collections apply to Disney+ in all countries due to countries like the US lacking several available titles in the UK, Canada and Australia.

Collections Based Around Diversity:

Disney+ has collections for “Celebrate Black Stories” and “Female Leads”, so why not continue to expand into more collections with a similar theme? Now I’ve already written articles on why Disney+ needs a “Celebrate Disabled Stories” collection, but what about collections for Asian Stories, LGBTQ+ Stories or Latino Stories?

Especially as Disney invests more money into more shows and movies for streaming, having a group of collections promoting content from underrepresented backgrounds would do wonders for subscribers.

International Content Collections:

A majority of titles on Disney+ come from the US, but in countries like the UK, why is there not a collection for all the British content? With Disney+ streaming the entire “Kingsman” franchise and having licenced titles like “Paddington” and “An Education”, having a collection to navigate this growing collection would be super helpful easily. Disney can also do collections based on the content they’ve made or licenced in countries and territories like Latin America, France, Italy and India (providing they bring over the Hotstar library).

Classics By The Decades:

Remember the “Disney Through The Decades” collection?  Why not expand a little more on that and have collections from the 1920s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s, 2010s and 2020s.

These collections would be made up of everything available on Disney+ depending on which decade they were released. Disney implementing these collections would be great for film fanatics who want to catch up on some classic content or discover content they’ve never heard of or seen.


More National Geographic Collections:

With National Geographic being one of the core brands on Disney+, you’d think Disney would have more than four collections for such an iconic brand. Some of the collections that Disney+ could offer for the National Geographic brand include, “Big Cats”, “Monkeys and Apes”, “Drugs and Medicine”, “World War II”, and “Influential Figures”, which would offer more curated documentaries about a select topic/theme.

Film and TV Genres:

Now let’s take a little look at some genres that Disney could add as their own dedicated collections. As Disney+ adds more content, they could utilise the collections to help curate more niche content. They could do ones for “Music Documentaries”, “Behind The Screens”, “Anime”, “Westerns” and “Reimaginings”. These collections are based on genres that Disney doesn’t have too large libraries of but have fanbases nonetheless.

Disney Legends Collections:

Now let’s finish this list off with a list of actors, writers and directors who could feature in their own collections. Some of the apparent creatives Disney has championed over the years include, “Walt Disney”, “Tim Allen”, “Kurt Russell”, “Carrie Fisher”, “Mark Hamil”, and “Stan Lee”.  If Disney decided to have collections specifically curated for titles featuring or involving the many great creatives from Disney over the last century.

My Thoughts:

Disney+ has an extensive catalogue of titles, and they’ve done a mixed job of curating those titles within their collections page. Disney has thousands of IPs and has made content within all the genres. National Geographic is a prime brand that needs more collections within Disney+. They currently only have four despite Nat Geo making hundreds of movies, series and specials on things that fall outside of those four collections.

Star is another problem for Disney as they only have around half a dozen collections for the brand but haven’t added collections for franchises like “The Omen”, nor do they have a collection for “Criminal Minds” and its spinoffs. As for Star Wars, they could add a collection of the Lego Star Wars specials and shorts on Disney+.

Adding collections showcasing some of the top tier creatives at Disney and the content they’ve produced seems like a logical idea to me. However, this might be hard due to having to get permission to have select actors/writers/directors’ names represented on the service.

What Do You Think? Does Disney+ Need More Collections?

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Ethan Holloway

Ethan is an autistic, type one diabetic, Disney fan who grew up with properties like Iron Man, The Lion King, Aladdin and Toy Story. Ethan wants to someday get his own books/films/TV shows made to inspire those with disabilities to be themselves, but for now, Ethan covers his opinions on Disney, their content and how Disney+ can improve.

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  1. Jenniece April 17, 2022

    Agree. Especially when they post an "AAPI stories" category during AAPI history month but then take it down a month later. Create more categories and leave them up year round. They also need to stop being so stingy with the legacy content. It's ridiculous how little they upload.

  2. Jacob P. April 17, 2022

    I agree

  3. Marcus April 18, 2022

    firstly, all Disney owned and Distributed Rights owned Shows, they are availble on Disney+ put in the Collection. Examples, Disney Zeke and Luther arent in the Disney XD Collection and "Dude, theres my Ghost" is availble on Disney+ but i cant find it on the Disney XD Collection. Baymax Main Series is in the XD collection but the Shortfilms are missing. Next, Look at Disney Junior Collection, its Chaos pur. Shortfilms are in Mainseries and Specials point and Mainseries (Spidey and his Amazing Friends 26min Episodes)are in Shortfilms point. Since Disney+ Day 2021 PJ Masks Shorts and Fany Nancy Shorts are in the Disney Junior Collection but the Shows has joining Disney+ in 2020. Also, first Fixes the Problems and then put more Collections to Disney+!

  4. Matthew Moran April 19, 2022

    I'll TELL you what Disney needs to do: Have "The Abyss" on Disney+ ! Along with making a found-footage movie based around The Haunted Mansion!

  5. Christopher Smith April 19, 2022

    I agree with you. They are being lazy in maintaining their collection and expanding on it.