Yes, I’m back talking about Disney Anime, but this time I will be talking about one specific IP which Disney could utilise as an anime series. That IP is Alita Battle Angel. Let me explain.

Reason #1: Alita Has A Ton Of Source Material

Let’s start out with one of the most obvious points, the mainline Alita manga run is nine volumes, which does not include “The Last Order”, “Mars Chronicle”, or “Ashen Victor”. The above three manga are continuations or, in the case of “Ashen Vector”, a spinoff about the motorball sport.

It’s safe to say Disney has the source material to create an anime series based on the Alita IP, not to mention they could bring on Yukito Kishiro (Alita’s creator) to produce a prequel anime series that takes place before the manga or the live-action movie from 2019.

Reason #2: Disney Has Connections In The Anime Scene

To produce Star Wars Visions, Disney contacted seven well-known anime studios to produce those episodes. The studios in question are

  • Kamikaze Douga, “The Duel”
  • Studio Colorido, “Tatooine Rhapsody”
  • Studio Trigger, “The Twins” and “The Elder”
  • Kinema Citrus, “The Village Bride”
  • Production I.G., “The Ninth Jedi”
  • Science Saru, “T0-B1” and “Akakiri”
  • Geno Studio, “Lop and Ocho”

Besides the studios hired for Star Wars Visions, Disney has worked with several high profile anime studios. Disney used to have North American distribution for Studio Ghibli  “Spirited Away” and “My Neighbour Totoro” movies. However, that relationship seemed to have soured as the deal ended. Disney has also worked with Jinni’s Animation Studios “Fireball”, Studio Madhouse “Marvel’s Future Avengers” and Toei Animation “Marvel’s Disk Wars The Avengers” and “Dragon Ball”.

Disney has the money, and they have connections with some of the industry’s greatest and most popular anime studios, so why not create an anime based on Alita.

Reason #3: A Small But Growing Fanbase

Like a lot of franchises, Alita has its own fanbase. The Alita fanbase isn’t as large as a fanbase of, say, Marvel or Star Wars size, but Alita’s fanbase is growing every day as they plead Disney for an Alita Battle Angel 2 from Disney. Making an anime based on Alita could help this small but growing fanbase explode in popularity as anime has become mainstream in pop culture. Many members of the Alita fandom have given themselves the name of the “Alita Army”.

One of the most vocal, but most calm and understanding Alita fans I have had the pleasure of interacting with is Twitter user Vladdie777. From my experience, the Alita Army is fiercely loyal to the Alita character, and Disney would be foolish to ignore the IP.

Reason #4: Variety In Disney’s Content Portfolio

I’ve made it no secret I want Disney to get involved in anime, and from my research, I’ve discovered Disney owns thirteen total anime, eight of which were produced by Marvel but six of the Marvel ones have distribution handled by Sony. The problem is besides Star Wars Visions, most of the anime Disney owns are very childish, and Alita could change that.

Whilst Alita would have to be toned down a bit if Disney wanted to make the anime for Disney+, I can easily see Alita fitting a TV14 rating which could lead to Disney making even more anime if the series is successful.

Reason #5: More Is Possible In Animation Than Live-Action


This is quite an obvious one, but through animation and anime specifically, you can do more than you can do in live-action, not to mention it’s cheaper and less VFX heavy. You’ll see articles about how live-action adaptions of anime are flops or don’t understand the integrity of the anime, and I feel as if Alita could be so much grander as a big-budget anime series, which could be used to hype up a potential sequel.

When you look at an anime series like Demon Slayer, you’ll notice the amount of action needed to adapt the story. It would be expensive to do that in live-action, and Alita falls into the same boat if they want to adapt the original story fully.


Reason #6: Rodriguez Wants To Do More Alita

The final reason is quite simple, Robert Rodriguez “Sin City” and “Spy Kids” has been vocal that he would like to do more Alita content. When Rodriguez discusses Alita, he talks more about making a sequel to the 2019 movie, but I doubt Rodriguez would turn down the chance to make an Alita anime. Robert Rodriguez went on record and said that he “planned” to talk to Disney about Alita after “Book Of Boba Fett” releases later this year, so if they greenlight an Alita sequel, why not do an anime as well?


Final Thoughts:


Well, that’s it; those are my six reasons why Alita should be the next Disney anime. Now I’m sure I could write like half a dozen more articles on this topic about other Disney franchises like “Kingdom Hearts” or “Twisted Wonderland”, and maybe I will in the future, but for now, let’s focus on Alita. The 2019 Alita Battle Angel movie was unfairly torn apart by movie critics when it was released. It was the last movie distributed by 20th Century Fox before it was absorbed into Disney. Alita Battle Angel as an IP is something that works in both live-action and anime. Personally, I would love for Disney to use Alita to expand their reach in anime as things like “Star Wars Visions” and “Fireball” isn’t gonna do much for them in that market.

Alita is an IP with a lot of potential, especially as Disney looks to commission local content in places like Japan to appeal to the local market. Personally, I think Disney should use Alita as a way to really start its anime venture then follow it up with a series based on “Kingdom Hearts” or “Twisted Wonderland”, but that’s just my opinion. Alita’s OVA in the 1990s didn’t make her a household name, but I’m sure a new anime series would change that.


What’s your opinion? Would you like to see an Alita anime series given the green light by Disney?


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Ethan Holloway

Ethan "Neil" Holloway is a huge Marvel, Star Wars and Pixar fan who grew up with Disney movies like Iron Man and The Lion King. Ethan has always been fascinated by movies especially ones that give a fair representation to those of disabled backgrounds and hopes to one day publish a novel with Disney Publishing Worldwide. You can call Ethan the "Disney Anime Guy" if you want.

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  1. Mark Par October 10, 2021

    Great article Ethan! I liked the way you expressed your opinion. I also agree with many of your opinions. But I will also write my own opinion. There's a lot of crap out there these days... Alita is even poetic in this respect, in my opinion. Usually, such episodes, on the contrary, arouse my interest. The story of the fictional world, thorough, peculiar, it's just super! By the way, you did a great job. You have so much potential. I found out about your Twitter account recently and I'm just shocked to see it. Despite the fact that you study 5 days, work 6 days, and come in tired after studying, you still find time for an article. I'm sure your family, your girlfriend and your friends are very proud of you! They are lucky to have such a talented son, boyfriend and friend like you. Well done! Keep up the good work! Never give up, believe in yourself and you will succeed! Looking forward to the next article!

  2. Steven Gracey October 10, 2021

    Alita already has an anime in Japan for main story and mars chronicle. I feel Disney could grab the global rights for it for D+. Otherwise it might be better for them to buy a bunch of Japanese studios or a series of larger ones like Sonys Anime studios or even all of Toei to max out on that content. I would love for D+ to be a digital version of EPCOT.

    1. Sato Kazuo October 12, 2021

      No Disney shouldn't even attempt and actual "anime" at least not what you refer to as anime. Alita is already a classic manga and anime . Disney will just find some way to ruin it. I mean if Disney wants more backlash like they dealt with over Star Wars then go right ahead and mess with something that has a cult following. I'm by no means attacking Disney but when it comes to any type of media that has as big of a following like manga, or anime it probably isn't wise to take a chance to irritate the worldwide fanbase. Look at how hard the #Alitaarmy has been pushing for a sequel to the movie and the lengths they're willing to go to. All I'm saying is good luck with that idea. Either way we'll get some entertainment out of the fallout. By the way to explain my earlier comment of "what you refer to as anime" the materials mentioned in your "bio" aren't actual anime. It's just piggybacking on an existing term(that now has an actual culture) for recognition