The final season of the iconic post-apocalyptic thriller The Walking Dead, which will premiere exclusively in the UK on Star on Disney+ in three separate batches of 8 episodes.

Previously on The Walking Dead, the survivors had to confront past demons and combated new threats, with friendships and relationships suffering from the mounting collateral damage that is the apocalypse. Alexandria is severely compromised, left a former shell of the home it once was from the carnage and devastation left behind by the Whisperers.

Now all who live in Alexandria struggle to refortify it and feed its increasing number of residents, which include the survivors from the fall of the Kingdom and the burning of Hilltop; along with Maggie and her new group, the Wardens. Alexandria has more people than it can manage to feed and protect. Their situation is dire as tensions heat up over past events and self-preservation rises to the surface within the ravaged walls.

They must secure more food while they attempt to restore Alexandria before it collapses like countless other communities they have come across throughout the years. But where and how? More haggard and hungrier than ever before, they must dig deeper to find the effort and strength to safeguard the lives of their children, even if it means losing their own.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to those at Alexandria, Eugene, Ezekiel, Yumiko, and Princess are still being held captive by mysterious soldiers who are members of a larger and unforthcoming group.

Viewers will be able to see how this epic story concludes, exclusively on Star Disney+ in the UK.

When Will New “The Walking Dead” Episodes Be Released On Disney+?

New episodes from the 11th season of “The Walking Deadare going to be released weekly on Disney+ in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

New Episodes of “The Walking Dead” Season 11 Part 1 will be added to Disney+ on the following dates:


  • Episode 1 – Acheron: Part I – Monday 23rd August 2021
  • Episode 2 – Acheron: Part II – Monday 30th August 2021
  • Episode 3 – Hunted – Monday 6th September 2021
  • Episode 4 – Rendition – Monday 13th September 2021
  • Episode 5 – Out of the Ashes – Monday 20th September 2021
  • Episode 6 – On the Inside – Monday 27th September 2021
  • Episode 7 –  Promises Broken – Monday 4th October 2021
  • Episode 8 –  For Blood – Monday 11th October 2021

New Episodes of “The Walking Dead” Season 11 Part 2 will be added to Disney+ on the following dates:

  • Episode 9 – Monday 21st February 2022
  • Episode 10 – Monday 28th February 2022
  • Episode 11 – Monday 7th March 2022
  • Episode 12 – Monday 14th March 2022
  • Episode 13 – Monday 21st March 2022
  • Episode 14 – Monday 28th March 2022
  • Episode 15 – Monday 4th April 2022
  • Episode 16 – Monday 4th April 2022

New Episodes of “The Walking Dead” Season 11 Part 3 will be added to Disney+ on the following dates:

  • Episode 17 – Monday 3rd October 2022
  • Episode 18 – Monday 10th October 2022
  • Episode 19 – Monday 17th October 2022
  • Episode 20 – Monday 24th October 2022
  • Episode 21 – Monday 31st October 2022
  • Episode 22 – Monday 7th November 2022
  • Episode 23 – Monday 14th November 2022
  • Episode 24 – Monday 21st November 2022

What Time Will New Episodes Of “The Walking Dead” Be Released On Disney+

Disney+ updates on Monday at the following times:

  • UK: 08:00 AM

Sometimes episodes can arrive a few minutes later as the servers update. The Disney+ front page usually updates about an hour later.

How Many Episodes Of  “The Walking Dead – Season 11″ Are There?

The final season of “The Walking Dead” will consist of 24 episodes and will be released in three different batches of 8 episodes. With the first batch of 8 episodes being released weekly from Monday 23rd on Disney+. Season 11 Part 2 will return exclusively in the UK on Star on Disney+ from Monday 21st February 2022 with eight new episodes. The final eight episodes of Season 11’s massive 24-episode arc will air later in 2022 on the platform.

When Will More New Episodes Of  “The Walking Dead – Season 11” arrive on Disney+?

The second batch of episodes from the final season will arrive from February 21st 2022, with more episodes coming later in 2022.

How To Watch The Walking Dead Season 11 In The UK

With the closure of the Fox TV channel in the UK, the only place you’ll be able to watch the eleventh season of “The Walking Dead”  in the United Kingdom is on Disney+.

Is “The Walking Dead” Available On Disney+?

Seasons 1-10 of “The Walking Dead” are now available on Star on Disney+ in a number of countries, including the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Italy.

Are you looking forward to the new season of “The Walking Dead”?

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  1. Geoff Mitcham July 3, 2022

    Personally I think you are dragging this out too long and people are starting to lose interest. I just hope the ending isn't disapointing. I've watched from day one so I'll stick with it.