It’s Wednesday and time to take a look at what’s been added onto Disney+ in the United Kingdom and Ireland, which includes a new collection of shorts featuring Scrat from the “Ice Age” franchise, plus new episodes of original shows such as “Moon Knight” and “The Proud Family: Louder & Prouder”.

Here’s the rundown:

Moon Knight – Episode 3

When Steven Grant, a mild-mannered gift-shop employee, becomes plagued with blackouts and memories of another life, he discovers he has dissociative identity disorder and shares a body with mercenary Marc Spector. As Steven/Marc’s enemies converge upon them, they must navigate their complex identities while thrust into a deadly mystery among the powerful gods of Egypt.

Ice Age: Scrat Tales

“Ice Age: Scrat Tales” is a series of six all-new animated shorts starring Scrat, the hapless saber-toothed squirrel of the “Ice Age” adventures, who experiences the ups and downs of fatherhood, as he and the adorable, mischievous Baby Scrat, alternately bond with each other and battle for ownership of the highly treasured Acorn. Featuring the vocal talents of Chris Wedges (Scrat) and Karl Wahlgren (Baby Scrat), the series is produced by Anthony Nisi, with Robert L. Baird and Andrew Millstein serving as executive producers

Queens – Episode 13 – Season Finale

Four women in their 40s reunite for a chance to recapture their fame and regain the swagger they had as legends in the 1990s hip-hop world.


Our Kind Of People – Episode 9

Leah and Teddy deliver devastating news to Angela. Piggy confesses past secrets to Angela. Angela takes steps to secure her and Eve’s Crown’s future.

The Proud Family: Louder And Prouder – Episode 9

“Raging Bully” – LaCienega feels threatened by her ugly-duckling-turned-beautiful-swan cousin, LaBrea, as her quinceañera approaches. Sunset’s sister, Melrose, goads her into making poor choices.


Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir S4 E21-26

Teenager Marinette changes into Ladybug, her clandestine superhero persona, while her classmate and crush Adrien transforms into Cat Noir, his secret superhero persona, to shield Paris from evil.

Ghostforce S1 E1-10

Three secondary school students secretly fight the ghosts that haunt their city.

T.O.T.S. S3 E12-17

A penguin and a flamingo respectively work at the Tiny Ones Transport Service, where they deliver newborn baby animals and birds to their parents

Spidey and his Amazing Friends S1 E18-21

Peter Parker, Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy join forces with Hulk, Ms Marvel and Black Panther to fight their common enemies and learn that working together as a team is the best.

Giggle Wiggle

Moving and dancing and encouraging children to have fun by imitating the choreography they see on screen. A series of animals help keep children moving to the sound of catchy songs and rhymes.

Ahoy Pirates

Three girl pirates on a pirate ship explore new lands and solve puzzles and riddles in order to find the treasure chest. The treasure chest is always filled with fun objects for having a party.


Rocco the squirrel lives in the forest and faces new challenges in every episode. How to carry a juicy plum? How to cross a puddle? How to keep warm on a snowy day and much more. Young viewers can identify with Rocco’s challenges and share the joys of his success.


A child plays imaginary games with her felt toys. Her “hero” is a little cactus who interacts with whatever comes his way. A new environment is created in each episode which forms challenging and funny situations for him to deal with.


Dino & The Egg

BabyTV is going back in time to the days of the dinosaurs where two dinosaur eggs have disappeared from the baby dinosaur kindergarten.

Toto’s Kindergarten

Toto and his best friend Robbie are toys that come to life in a kindergarten when all the children leave. The place is transformed into an imaginary world where the two friends discover what the children have learned during the day.

Parched S1

PARCHED is a feature documentary and four episodes that takes a character-driven and investigative approach to find out who really controls water in this country — and in the world. PARCHED will unite investigative journalism with narrative entertainment in the deeply engaging style for which Jigsaw is renowned. The series will be haunting, shocking and cinematic — and viewers will be left with a new and frightening understanding of our planets most precious resource.

Superstructures Engineering Marvels S1

Exploring the engineering marvels that are the Superstructures on our Earth.

Air Crash Investigation S20

Catastrophic incidents in aviation history are meticulously re-enacted, providing insight into what went wrong and if the crashes and near-disasters could have been prevented. Accounts from survivors combine with computer images to weave these gripping tales, and expert testimony reveals the hows and whys behind these events, some of which have resulted in important changes to aviation safety and regulations

The Ignorant Angels S1

This romantic drama has been inspired by the Italian box office hit and cultural sensation Le Fate Ignoranti, “The Ignorant Angels” is a Star Original series from Turkish-Italian director Ferzan Ozpetek. When Antonia’s husband Massimo is killed in a car accident, she discovers that he has been having a same-sex affair with a man named Michele. She’s devastated at the news, but the straight-laced Antonia finds herself building an unexpected and moving friendship with Michele and his circle of misfit eccentrics.

Riot Police (2020) S1

Riot Police is a Spanish police drama thriller television series created by Isabel Peña and Rodrigo Sorogoyen for Movistar+. The series follows a group of riot policemen and an internal affairs agent who is investigating them.


The path leads to Alaska, where Gibbs and McGee go on a very long road trip. It’s still all about getting information on the serial killer, Paul Lemere.

The Resident S5 E13

A tragic accident occurs at Jessica’s sister’s gender reveal party. Conrad, Irving and Trevor work on an influencer whose life is in danger due to a risky cosmetic procedure.

The Great North S2 E8

The Tobin kids and Honeybee participate in a Thanksgiving tradition known as The Beef Hunt; Beef faces his greatest fear.

Bob’s Burgers S12 E10

Gene breaks an extremely rare Christmas record from the ’70s, so he and his sisters search for another copy; Teddy tries to do a neighborhood Secret Santa with Bob and Linda.

Family Guy S20 E10

Brian is accused of ruining Mayor West’s nativity scene.

The Missing S1-2

Tony and Emily Hughes go to France on a holiday with their five-year-old son Oliver. However, when their car breaks down one night in a small town, Tony suddenly loses sight of his son.

Alvin And The Chipmunks: The Road Chip

Alvin, Simon and Theodore believe that Dave is going to propose to his girlfriend Samantha in Miami. In a bid to retain their place in Dave’s life, the three set out to stop him.

The Mick S1-2

THE MICK is a no-holds-barred single-camera comedy that gives new meaning to the phrase “dysfunctional family.” The series stars Kaitlin Olson as Mickey, an unapologetic degenerate stuck raising her spoiled niece (Sofia Black-D’Elia) and nephews (Thomas Barbusca, Jack Stanton) amid the lap of luxury in Greenwich, CT. Although constantly pulled between enjoying her lavish new lifestyle and trying to control three monstrous children who have un ited lines of credit, Mickey is now in it for the long haul. With the help of her on-again, off-boyfriend (Scott MacArthur) and the kids’ live-in housekeeper (Carla Jimenez), she is determined to make it work, or, at the very least, black out during the parts that don’t.

What are you planning on watching on Disney+ first today?

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