It’s Monday, and today, Disney+ subscribers in Australia and New Zealand have a brand new documentary from National Geographic to enjoy,

This brand new mini-series shares information about what happened on the 22nd of November 1963, the President of the United States of America, John F. Kennedy, was assassinated. For the 60th anniversary, this series takes us into the day almost in real-time. Across three episodes, what unfolds is a presidential assassination, a full-scale manhunt, the murder of a policeman, and the killing of the assassin. Giving insight into the multiple perspectives of a day in a brand-new way that will cut through the clutter and appeal to audiences around the world.

The three-part series produces a comprehensive account of that tragic moment in American history and the ripples that followed.    The three episodes include:

  • Assassination – President John F. Kennedy and his wife, Jackie, travelled to Texas with an eye on the 1964 elections, along with a team of secret service agents. During a motorcade in downtown Dallas, JFK is brutally shot in broad daylight and later tragically pronounced dead at Parkland Hospital with his grieving wife in the next room. America changes forever.
  • Manhunt – The race is on to track down JFK’s killer, but before he is arrested, the assassin kills again. Meanwhile, Jackie Kennedy boards Air Force One to return JFK’s body to Washington. Still wearing her bloodstained dress, she witnesses LBJ sworn in as president. As the net closes around suspected killer Lee Harvey Oswald, his co-workers and family face interrogation.
  • Revenge – President Kennedy’s body arrives back in Washington, and a grieving Jackie Kennedy leads the funeral march to honor him. In Dallas, Lee Harvey Oswald is charged with JFK’s murder, but the world is shocked again when Oswald himself is shot dead while still in police custody by nightclub owner Jack Ruby. With Oswald dead, there is no reckoning, and America will never be the same.

The documentary is produced by 72 Films for National Geographic. For 72 Films, David Glover is the executive producer, and Ella Wright is the series director. Daniel Lindsay and T.J. Martin executive-produced the series. For National Geographic, Carolyn Payne is executive producer, and Tom McDonald is executive vice president, of Global Factual and Unscripted Content.

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