With the upcoming release of the live-action version of The Little Mermaid, we wanted to highlight the various mermaid-theme offerings available on Disney+ to get you ready to dive into the new theatrical film coming early this summer.

“The Thirteenth Year”, a Disney Channel original, follows Cody, a high-achieving young teenager that discovers he is a merman. Given up for adoption by his mermaid mother, Cody grows up as a normal kid until he celebrates his thirteenth birthday. As an avid swimmer, he is very fast and can easily win swim meet competitions. Watch this title to see how his past starts to impact his future.

“Aquamarine,” tells the story of two teenage friends who befriend a mermaid that washes ashore during a severe storm. This teen fantasy romantic comedy was released in 2006 and came to Disney+ after the 20th Century Fox merger with Disney. The film stars Emma Roberts and Sara Paxton as Aquamarine, the mermaid. 

“The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea” picks up after the 1989 classic and follows Ariel and Eric as they enter parenthood with the birth of their daughter, Melody, who dreams of being a mermaid. Much like her mother, she goes in search of some help to make this dream come true and winds up meeting Ursula’s sister. 

“The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginning” takes place when Ariel is young with her parents ruling the imaginary kingdom of Atlantica. Following the tragic and untimely death of the Queen, the story depicts a young Ariel along with the appearances of Flounder and Sebastian as they work to bring joy and music back to the merfolk. 

“The Little Mermaid” television series showcases Ariel’s adventures living in Atlantica with her best friends, Sebastian and Flounder. Each episode is about twenty minutes long and introduces new characters. The series originally aired for three seasons from 1992 until 1994.

In addition, the classic 1989 “The Little Mermaid” film is also available on Disney+ along with the live-adaptation of the film from “The Wonderful World of Disney Presents The Little Mermaid Live”! 

Be sure to check these out along with the trailer for the new movie on Disney+ now!


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