A hot topic in current culture is climate change and efforts made to conserve and preserve the planet. Disney has its own list of titles under the Disneynature brand, along with National Geographic, which has also added multiple nature conservation titles to the Disney+ streaming service.

Multiple well-known actors and actresses have served as the narrators for many of these Disney+ titles for both Disneynature and National Geographic including Will Smith, Chris Hemsworth, and Natalie Portman.

Recent releases from the Disneynature brand encompass Bears, Monkey Kingdom, Born in China, and the 2022 release of Polar Bear. Each title focuses on an individual animal and follows their daily routines. The idea behind these movies is to help educate people to continue and grow the mission of nature preservation. Additionally, the non-profit nature organizations that were helped by the release of these films fostered the protection of a lot of wildlife and land around the world from their participation.


With the addition of National Geographic, there are many more titles that help spread the message of nature conservation. There are fishing expeditions. space, and more animal showcases.

A personal recommendation would be Shark Beach with Chris Hemsworth. It provides a very interesting to learn how scientists and researchers are working to equip the sharks safely with tracking devices to learn more about their migration patterns. Conservation of these sharks helps sustain the fragile ecosystem in which they play a very important role.

Another recommendation would be Betty White Goes Wild. This is such a fun special that not only honored the late White but also provided a great inside look at the various big cats at the world-famous San Diego Zoo. A favorite part is the feature on the cheetahs and their dog companions.


Regardless of what climate topic captures your interest, be sure to check out the vast selection of titles for your viewing pleasure right now on Disney+.

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Megan Ribovich

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