The new live action version of Disney’s Aladdin is due to hit cinemas on May 24th and while we might have just under 6 months until the release of Disney+, I wanted to take a look at what Aladdin movies and shows are coming to the new streaming service and what might also be included in the future:

Aladdin (Live Action)

The newest adaptation of Disney’s Aladdin stars Will Smith as the Genie and has been directed by Guy Ritchie.     Disney haven’t confirmed an exact date for when the new movie will be available on Disney+, other than it will be within the first year of launch.  With March’s Dumbo due on Disney+ in November and April’s Avengers: Endgame due in December, it looks likely that this new version will be available around the Holidays or in January 2020.

Once Upon A Time

One of the confirmed ABC shows for Disney+ is the long running series, Once Upon A Time, which saw Aladdin and Jasmine join the show in the sixth season.  There was also a spin-off series called Once Upon A Time In Wonderland that saw Jafar as the main villain.


The Disney Channel Original Movie series, the Descendants features children from many classic Disney villains, including Jay, who is the son of Jafar.  The first movie has been confirmed to be available on Disney+ and a new third movie is due to be released on the Disney Channel this coming Summer.

Aladdin (Animated)

Disney’s 34th animated classic was released in 1992 and spawned multiple sequels and a musical.  This classic has been confirmed as being available on Disney+ when it launches on November 12th.

There are also some additional movies and shows which haven’t yet been confirmed for Disney+, but would seem very likely to be added eventually including two animated sequels, “The Return Of Jafar” and “Aladdin and the King of Theves”.  Both of these movies were released “straight to video” in the 90’s.

Disney also released a animated series and ran for three seasons, with over 80 episodes.  This series came after the original movie and was part of the “Disney Afternoon” period of the 90’s.

Hopefully both the animated sequels and TV series are also available on Disney+, but we will have to wait and see.


Are you looking forward to catching up with Aladdin on Disney+?

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