The US government launched a secret program designed to investigate the possibility of UFO sightings. The new docuseries “UFOs: Investigating the Unknown” takes a look at the history of possible UFO sightings and this government program. It also tackles some of the misconceptions about UFOs due to movies about them. Plus, former US lawmakers and the former director of the program speak about the issues they’ve had with this program and reaching key government officials.

The series takes a more serious approach than some other docuseries that have tried to tackle the concept of UFOs. In simple terms, UFO stands for “Unidentified Flying Object.” That means something flying has been spotted, and the person seeing it doesn’t know what it is. Regardless of anyone’s belief on the existence of aliens, it can’t be denied that UFOs exist. Eventually, some of the UFOs are identified and reclassified, but at the moment, they remain unidentified. This docuseries tackles possible explanations through this secret government program.

The most interesting part is the interview with the late Senator Harry Reid. He was the Senate Majority Leader for a time during the Obama administration, and in doing so, would’ve been privy to plenty of classified information from this government program. While he’s not in the Senate anymore, and has passed away since the interview and before the show made it to the service, he was very forthright about the things he could give away in this series. It lends credence when someone who was in that powerful of a position is able to talk about the subject.

I’m intrigued to see what the remaining episodes of this series have to offer. There’s a lot of potential, and it’s great for someone with an open mind to go into this series. I’m not arguing “the answer is out there” or there’s definitive proof of aliens. But I am interested to hear accounts from pilots who claim to have seen UFOs while they are also flying. Maybe it’s a drone. Maybe’s it’s an unregistered plane. Maybe it’s a spy balloon. But I want to hear more about what people have seen and what they believe it may have been.

Rating: 3.5 stars

What did you think of the first episode of “UFOs: Investigating the Unknown?”

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