The “Toy Story” franchise is one of the most successful franchises produced by Disney and Pixar. Since 1995, the franchise has produced four hit movies and several shorts. I’m going to rank them, the best “Toy Story” content on Disney+. Remember, this list is completely subjective and is just my opinion.


These are the Disney+ Original shorts that have been released since “Toy Story 4.” The title is self-explanatory. In each short, Forky asks a question about what something is, and then, after learning what it is, he asks the question again. It’s a cute series for kids, but in the end, it’s nothing more. And, most parents won’t want to sit down and watch it.


In this short, Rex goes from zero to hero when he gets to join Bonnie during bathtime. The dinosaur that’s normally thought of as a party popper becomes the star of the tub because he can turn on the water, something the bath toys desperately need. It’s a cute short that puts a nice spotlight on Rex, but it’s missing something that could make it greater.


In this short, Ken has something special planned for Barbie, so the pair stowaway in Bonnie’s school backpack, thinking she would be taking it to Hawaii. After realizing they only made it to Bonnie’s room, the toys band together to help Barbie a special Hawaiian Vacation for Ken. It’s an adorable short that works in one of the best pairings from “Toy Story 3.” It’s hard to work in Ken and Barbie, but Pixar found a credible way to do it.


A Buzz Lightyear “Kids Meal” toy, wanting to leave the fast food restaurant kidnaps the real Buzz and takes his place in Bonnie’s bag. Then, it’s up to Buzz to find his way out of the restaurant and the rest of the toys to returns the “Kids Meal” toy before Bonnie notices. Buzz is one of the best characters to star in his own short and this one is just enjoyable to watch. I love seeing the small Buzz try to convince the rest of the guys he shrunk at the restaurant. This is one of the better ones for the whole family to watch.


For my money, this is the best of the “Toy Story” shorts. In “Toy Story 3,” we learn Bo Peep has been separated from the toys. In “Toy Story 4,” we learn how she was separated from the toys. In “Lamp Life,” we learn what Bo Peep was up to that entire time between her separation and when Woody finds her. This short is fun to watch and easy to follow. It could be part of a flashback montage in “Toy Story 4,” but it got its own breakout short and I’m thankful for it.


This was my least favorite of the “Toy Story” movies, but that doesn’t change the fact it was good and fun. It felt a bit unnecessary after the wonderful trilogy wrap up at the end of “Toy Story 3.” But, we get to meet some new, fun characters. And, we get to see Woody go live for himself instead of a human while the rest of the toys do for Bonnie what Woody did for Andy.


This is a nice addition to the “Toy Story” universe. It’s a Halloween special that brings back the original voice cast and lets Jessie step up as the hero to save the rest of the toys who have been kidnapped by an iguana who is giving them to its owner so he can sell them over the internet. Pixar steps up and continues the toys’ story with Bonnie in a better way than “Toy Story 4” delivered.


This was the perfect ending to a series of “Toy Story” films. Andy has grown and the toys aren’t being played with. The viewer can completely understand the toys wanting to be donated to a preschool and to be played with again. But the toys get more than they bargained for and have to be rescued by Woody who then convinces Andy to donate them to Bonnie. Woody’s decision to stick with his friends instead of going to college with Andy is an excellent moment of self-sacrifice that Pixar does so well.


This is the film that started the Pixar revolution. This smash hit taught children and adults everywhere that “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” and it just might be your toys. The animation doesn’t hold up as well as technology has advanced over the years. The story is basic. It was exactly what was needed for a new company trying a new style of animation for its first feature length film. It’s good. It’s fun. But, they would get better over time.


One of the few sequels that is actually better than the original, “Toy Story 2” shows us far more character growth than the first film. Woody is risking his own safety to save others. When Woody gets kidnapped, Buzz and a select few other toys come to rescue him. We meet two new friends in Jessie and Bullseye and a cool toy villain in Stinky Pete. Where “Toy Story” was the perfect first movie, “Toy Story 2” took the formula and tweaked it into near perfection; so much so that “Toy Story 3” is basically “Toy Story 2” with Woody being the toy doing the rescuing instead of the toy needing to be rescued. “Toy Story 2” is the best “Toy Story” film to me, and the second best Pixar film.

That’s my list. We’re not all going to agree and that’s all right. What is your ranking of the “Toy Story” content on Disney+?

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Jeremy Brown

Jeremy has been a big Disney fan since he was a kid growing up during the Disney Renaissance. One day he hopes to go to every Disney Park in the world.

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