Disney+ includes a vast collection of Disney Channel Original movies, also known as DCOM’s, dating back to the 1990s and starring many young actors who went onto become major global superstars.

These movies were originally released on the Disney Channel and enjoyed by millions of fans around the world.

Here is a list of our Top 50 Disney Channel Original Movies available now on Disney+:

50) The Cheetah Girls

Four teens hold on to their dream of musical fame while navigating the twists and turns of their normal lives.

49) Minute Men

Three high school kids invent a time machine intended to save fellow students from embarrassing situations. Unfortunately, they discover that turning back the clock can have its consequences. Now the Feds are after them and there’s the slight problem of a black hole to deal with.

48) Brink

Andy “Brink” Brinker (Erik von Detten) is the leader of a group of inline skaters who disapprove of corporate sponsorship, believing that skating should be done for fun rather than profit. But when Brink’s family starts having financial problems, he’s forced to compromise his principles and join a sponsored team led by the arrogant Val (Sam Horrigan). Not knowing his motivation, Brink’s friends are stunned by the decision and collectively shun him until the truth comes out.

47) The Suite Life Movie

When Cody receives an opportunity to study at the Gemini Institute, a high-tech centre which studies dynamics between twins, he and Zack find themselves connected in a way they never have been before. When one twin experiences a sensation, the other twin feels it. While this newfound power helps the boys see eye-to-eye for the first time in their lives, it ultimately puts them in more danger.

46) Zapped

A bright student and talented dancer struggling with changes in life, including a new family and school, finds a phone app that magically allows her to control boys.  This movie stars Zendaya from KC Undercover and the Spider-Man movies.

45) Return to Halloweentown

Marnie Piper arrives at the Halloweentown University – known to everyone as Witch U. Her best friend Aneesa is a student there too, and before you can say `abracadabra’ the bewitching pair find themselves in magical mischief and mayhem.

44) Avalon High

When Allie transfers to Avalon High, she soon realises that her new classmates are reincarnations of King Arthur and his court, and she must defeat traitor Mordred.

43) Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior

Wendy Wu is a teenager who seems to have the perfect life: she’s beautiful, popular and one of the two candidates to be voted Homecoming Queen. However, her life is changed when Shen, a monk from China, imparts to her the shocking truth about herself- she is a reincarnated Yin Warrior, whose destiny is to battle the evil Yan Lo.

42) Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam

Mitchie and her friends, including top rock group Connect Three return to Camp Rock for another great summer of music, dancing and fun. However, when big-money, state-of-the-art Camp Star opens across the lake, it lures away many instructors and campers – putting the future of Camp Rock in jeopardy.

41) Mom’s Got a Date with a Vampire

The Hansen kids have major social engagements planned, but have all been grounded – so they are delighted when their mum gets a date, enabling them to sneak out unnoticed. However, their delight is short-lived when brother Taylor suspects her new boyfriend is a bloodsucker.

40) Spin

Rhea discovers her passion for creating DJ mixes that blend the rich textures of her South Asian culture and the world around her. Her life revolves around her eclectic group of friends, her after-school coding club, her family’s Indian restaurant and her tight-knit, multigenerational family. Everything changes when she falls for aspiring DJ Max, and her long-lost fervor for music is re-ignited. Rhea discovers that she has a natural gift for creating beats and producing music but must find the courage to follow her true inner talent.


39) High School Musical 3

Amid preparations for a basketball championship, prom, and graduation, sweethearts Troy Bolton (Zac Efron) and Gabriella Montez (Vanessa Hudgens) vow to savor every moment, knowing that college plans put the future of their relationship into question. An elaborate spring musical is just the thing for these two Wildcats and the rest of their classmates to express their fears and hopes for the future.  While technically it isn’t a DCOM, since it was released in cinemas first, I’m including it, but just putting it a little down the list!

38) Den Brother

Alex Pearson (Hutch Dano) is an avid Lemon Oaks High School hockey player who is seeking the attention of Matisse Burrows (Kelsey Chow), the most attractive girl in school. All he wants is a car, but his father refuses to buy him one until his ‘attitude’ improves.

37) The Proud Family Movie

A mad scientist unleashes evil clones of a family (Kyla Pratt, Tommy Davidson, Paula Jai Parker) to find their secret formula.  There is going to be a brand new series coming soon to Disney+, so this is one you might want to check out before that series arrives.

36) Upside-Down Magic

In this enchanting fantasy movie based on the New York Times bestselling children’s book, Nory and her best friend Reina enter the Sage Academy for Magical Studies, where Nory’s unconventional powers land her in a class for those with wonky, or “upside-down,” magic. Undaunted, Nory sets out to prove that that upside-down magic can be just as powerful as right-side-up.

Note: Not available in all regions

35) Bad Hair Day

A high school student is desperate to be prom queen, but on the big night her hair is an uncontrollably bad mess. Meanwhile, a lady FBI agent is on the hunt for a jewel thief who is looking for a stolen necklace, which the messy haired girl has in her possession. Soon, she and the agent chase the jewel thief, and she’s whizzed on a wild adventure in the city.

34) Read It and Weep

Jamie is an intelligent but extremely shy school student who spends her time writing in her personal journal. However, her life suddenly changes due to her confident alter ego, Isabella.

33) Freaky Friday

Ellie is a 16-year-old attempting to assert her independence from her mom, Katherine, a mother struggling to understand her stubborn teenage daughter. When Katherine won’t let Ellie participate in the school’s all-night scavenger hunt, a heated confrontation leaves both women wishing that the other would change their ways. The mother and daughter magically swap bodies through the power of an hourglass which then accidentally shatters. Now, they must hunt down the matching hourglass in order to switch back before it’s too late!

32) How to Build a Better Boy

Gabby Harrison and Mae Hartley are best friends and teenage techies studying in the tenth grade. They come up with the idea of creating a virtual boyfriend using Mae’s father’s military software

31) Starstruck

A Midwestern girl goes to Los Angeles with nothing more in mind that visiting her grandparents while her sister tries to meet her idol. One night she meets the rising Hollywood pop star. They go on an adventure around Los Angeles and start to like each other. When the girl returns home, the famous guy, on national TV, says he doesn’t know her, and never met her.

30) Teen Beach 2

Months after surfer sweethearts McKenzie and Brady return from a summer adventure, that transported them into Brady’s favourite 1960s beach party movie, `Wet Side Story’, they receive a surprise visit from their newfound surfer and biker buddies.

29) Invisible Sister

Cleo is jealous of her sister Molly, but when she accidentally makes Molly invisible, she is forced to take her sister’s place in the school lacrosse team.

28) Girl Vs Monster

When she accidentally releases a monster, a teenager stumbles upon a family secret. She then sets out to eliminate the elusive monster that feeds off fear and to rescue her parents from its clutches.

27) Cadet Kelly

At the behest of her new stepfather, Joe (Gary Cole), a straight-laced ex-military man hellbent on teaching her discipline, easy-going teenager Kelly Collins (Hilary Duff) enrolls in the George Washington Military School. Kelly struggles to adjust to the demands of her new environment while facing the abuse of her commanding officer, Jennifer Stone (Christy Carlson Romano). Kelly almost drops out — until she falls for a hunky classmate (Shawn Ashmore) and decides to join the drill team.

26) Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie

Russo and her brothers are typical New York teenagers except for one thing, they come from a family of wizards. Their father gave up his powers when he married their mortal mother.

25) Princess Protection Program

When her kingdom is threatened, a young princess is taken into the Princess Protection Programme. She is relocated to rural Wisconsin where she must learn how to behave like a normal teenager.

24) Smart House

A 13 year old boy wins a computerized home manned by a cyborg maid named PAT. While tinkering with PAT’s program, he sets in motion a wife (and mother)-like nagging robot.


A zombie and a cheerleader work together to show the town of Seabrook what they can achieve when they embrace their differences and celebrate what makes them a community.  “Zombies” 2 and 3 are also available on Disney+.

22) The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex

While trying to prove to her family she can be mature and responsible, Alex Russo conjures up a spell to get rid of her bad qualities and unintentionally creates a Good and Evil Alex. When Evil Alex gets involved in a plan to take over the world by a dark wizard, Good Alex must find a way to save her family, humankind, and ultimately herself in an epic Good vs. Evil battle.

21) Let It Shine

A teenage rapper (Tyler James Williams) must use his musical talent to battle his nemesis (Brandon Mychal Smith) and win the girl (Coco Jones) of his dreams.

20) Geek Charming

Dylan Schoenfield, Woodlands Academy’s top girl,accidentally drops her fashionable and very expensive handbag into the mall fountain. She is surprised when film geek Josh Rosen retrieves it for her. However, in exchange for him rescuing her bag, Dylan has to agree to be the subject of Josh’s documentary. Dylan hopes the film will help her campaign to become Blossom Queen and claims that winning is her main goal in life.

19) Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century

When Zenon is forced to leave the space station that is her home, after she gets into some trouble with Chief Windom, some earthlings help her find evidence which proves that Windom is evil.

18) Cloud 9

Follows Kayla, a prima donna snowboarder who was just unceremoniously dropped from her team and forced to train with Will, a former snowboarding champion who’s struggling after a career-ending wipe-out. A video capturing it went viral, branding him an “epic fail” on the Internet. Now, as Kayla trains with Will to redeem her stature, Will creates a training regimen that tests whether she’s really committed to rise to the challenge of professional competition. Meanwhile, Kayla must somehow maneuver to inspire Will to overcome his biggest obstacle – self-doubt.

17) Kim Possible: So The Drama

Kim has to find a date for the junior prom, and is horrified at the suggestion that she might miss out on a proper date with one of the `fanciable’ guys because she spends too much time with her friend Ron.

16) The Color Of Friendship

In 1977, two girls from opposite sides of the world come together and change each other’s lives. Young, white Mahree Bok (Lindsey Haun) lives in apartheid South Africa with her wealthy family. Piper Dellums (Shadia Simmons), the daughter of a black U.S. congressman in Washington, D.C., prepares to welcome Mahree to the U.S. for a semester abroad. Mahree is surprised to find her host family is black, and Piper is stunned that Mahree is white. Each will have to question the assumptions she had.

15) Descendants

In present-day Auradon, Ben, the benevolent teenage son of King Adam and Queen Belle, offers a chance of redemption for the troublemaking offspring of Disney’s classic villains, Cruella De Vil, Maleficent, the Evil Queen and Jafar.

14)  Adventures In Babysitting

A dull evening for rival babysitters Jenny and Lola turns into an adventure in the big city as they hunt for one of the kids who has run away.

13) Jump In

A young boxer fills in when a member of his friend’s skipping team drops out at the last minute, and he finds a passion for this new sport. He starts to question whether boxing is what he really wants to do, and has to decide to follow his heart.

12) High School Musical 2

It’s summer break and the kids of East High are out for some fun in the sun. Unfortunately, they are all broke and must get jobs in order to be able to afford to enjoy themselves. Troy thinks his problem is solved when he gets a job at Sharpay’s family resort, but doesn’t realise she has an ulterior motive for hiring him. Luckily, some of his fellow Wildcats have jobs there too.

11) Camp Rock

A teenage girl desperately wants to spend her summer in a rock camp, but the only way she can get in is by working in the kitchen. When a teen pop star overhears her singing, he sets out to find the girl behind the voice.

10) Descendants 3

Mal, Evie, Jay and Carlos, the children of notorious supervillains, must return order in Auradon after Audrey, who is jealous of Mal, steals Maleficent’s sceptre and terrorises the locals.

9) Twitches

Reunited on their 21st birthday, twin sisters (Tia Mowry, Tamera Mowry) use their magic powers to save their kingdom from the forces of darkness.

8) Tangled: Before Ever After

This Tangled prequel movie sees Rapunzel preparing for her wedding and coronation. But it has all been a rush, and she’s determined to have one last adventure.

7) Descendants 2

When the pressure to be royally perfect gets to be too much for Mal, she returns to the Isle of the Lost. She discovers that Uma, the daughter of Ursula, has taken over as queen, and that her gang is finalizing plans to bring down the barrier.

6) Halloweentown

Marnie and her kids get a big shock when they follow grandma home to Halloweentown – and find out they come from a family of witches. The town is the only place where supernatural beings can lead a `normal’ life, but trouble is looming, and on her 13th birthday Marnie not only finds she is a witch, but that she and her family are involved in a fight against the evil that is threatening to take over the world.

5) Kim Possible

Kim and Ron enter high school and become friends with Athena. With Kim’s guidance, Athena transforms into the newest member of Team Possible and soon starts to eclipse Kim. When Drakken and Shego resurface in Middleton, the team must stop them.

4) Lemonade Mouth

Five high-school students (Bridgit Mendler, Adam Hicks, Hayley Kiyoko) form a music group and prepare to compete against a popular rock band.

3) Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension

Phineas and Ferb discover that Perry is a secret agent, and they all get stuck in an alternate dimension where Doofenschmirtz is the ruler of the tri-state area.

2) Teen Beach Movie

A couple of surfers are mysteriously transported into a beach party movie, where opponents break into song and dance as they battle for the beach hangout.

1) High School Musical

Troy Bolton (Zac Efron), the star athlete at a small-town high school, falls for nerdy beauty Gabriella Montez (Vanessa Anne Hudgens) at a holiday karaoke party. When they return to campus, Troy and Gabriella audition for the upcoming school musical. Meanwhile, the jealous Sharpay Evans (Ashley Tisdale) conspires to squelch their chances. The two must struggle to make it to auditions while also meeting their existing obligations to the basketball team and the academic decathlon.

What is your favourite Disney Channel Original Movie?

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