The Mandalorian has taken the world by storm since its premiere last November, and Season 2 has expanded the scope of the show to include some breathtaking Star Wars cameos. While it is almost impossible to rank the episodes of The Mandalorian from best to worst, we have compiled a list of some of the best of the best (by category). Keep reading for the Top 10 episodes of The Mandalorian!


Best Character Reveal: “The Mandalorian” – I am about 99% sure that the Internet may have exploded when Grogu (aka Baby Yoda, the Child, the Kid, etc.) was first revealed at the end of Chapter One, “The Mandalorian”. As Din has continued along his journey in Seasons 1 and 2, fans have eagerly anticipated Grogu’s next meme-worthy moment, and we simply can’t get enough of this bundle of cuteness!

Best Soundtrack: “The Sin” – Every track of the Chapter 3 album is amazing, and Ludwig Göransson has succeeded in creating a score that is completely iconic. While the Chapter 3 album does not have its own version of the track “The Mandalorian” that is usually featured in the episode credits, each of the elements from that song are sprinkled throughout the other awesome tracks. It’s basically the ”highlight reel” of The Mandalorian instrumentals!

Best Cliffhanger: “The Reckoning” – Many episodes of The Mandalorian have ended with a major cliffhanger or teaser for upcoming episodes, but none have been as intense as the ending of “The Reckoning”. Cara, Greef, and Din are trapped in a cantina, Kuiil has been hit with a lethal blaster shot, and the Child has been stolen. The internet was abuzz for an entire week leading up to Chapter 8, and we couldn’t wait to see what would happen to Din and the gang. So much stress!

Best All-Around: “Redemption” – This episode has a little bit of everything: Din gets some great character development with the removal of his mask, there’s an awesome battle with some stormtroopers, and a comedic segment with two scout troopers helps to lighten the mood. The reveal of the Darksaber is also one of the greatest Star Wars teases of the entire series, leaving the door wide open for Season 2. What more could we want?

Best Visual Effects: “The Marshal” – From the beginning, The Mandalorian has pioneered new techniques for creating computer effects for TV. “The Marshal” started Season 2 of the show with a bang, and the visual effects of the Krayt dragon were impeccable! The effects helped this episode to feel like we were watching Jurassic World, making the action sequences even more high-stakes and believable.

Best for Star Wars Fans: “The Heiress” – While the first season of The Mandalorian mostly involved characters that were separate from past Star Wars projects, Season 2 has included a boatload of Star Wars cameos. “The Heiress” marked the live-action debut of Bo-Katan Kryze from The Clone Wars, and the heist nature of the episode feels straight out of a Star Wars film. To all of the hardcore Star Wars fans – this is for you.

Best Action: “The Jedi” – What happens when you combine Star Wars with a samurai film? You get “The Jedi”. Ahsoka Tano’s live-action debut was stunning, and the episode’s final battle is one of the most climactic battles in all of Star Wars. The fight between Beskar and lightsaber is amazing, and Mando has his own gunslinging standoff with one of the village guards. It doesn’t get much better than this!

Best Grogu Moment: “The Tragedy” – Yes, this episode is called ”The Tragedy” for a good reason, but this episode is full of awesome Grogu moments! In the episode’s opening, there’s a cute sequence where Grogu plays Force-toss with Din in the Razor Crest, and Grogu later enters into an epic Force vision before laying down for a little nap. It all culminates to an epic finale, as Grogu uses the Force to demobilize a pair of Stormtroopers. Don’t mess with this Kid!

Best Side Quest: “The Believer” The Mandalorian often seems to alternate between its “main” storylines and various “side quest” episodes. Just think about Chapters 10 and 12 from Season 2- these episodes often have great action sequences, but the season’s main story arcs often remain unchanged throughout the episode. “The Believer” is a notable exception, as both Mayfeld and Din are able to have some much-needed character development in the midst of an intense heist mission.

Best Team-Up: “The Rescue” – The final two episodes of The Mandalorian’s Season 2 somewhat revolve around “getting the team together”, and this team-up culminates in “The Rescue”. Bo-Katan and Koska Reeves join in on the fun, Cara Dune comes to blast some stormtroopers, Boba Fett and Fennec Shand have their moments of glory, and Dr. Pershing even plays a part! Plus, the appearance of an all-too-familiar Jedi only adds to the epic nature of this team. If only Greef Karga could have been there…

Well, there you have it – our Top 10 episodes of The Mandalorian! Do you agree with our list? Leave a comment to share your thoughts. Also, stream all episodes of The Mandalorian now on Disney+.

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