This weekend, the classic 20th Century Studios film “The Sound Of Music”, has been removed from Disney+ around the world. Unlike other streaming services like Hulu or Netflix, Disney+ doesn’t inform subscribers in advance about upcoming removals, so fans of the film will suddenly find it’s no longer available.

Starring Oscar winner Julie Andrews in one of her most memorable roles, the film adaptation of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s musical follows Maria, a spirited young woman who leaves a convent and becomes a governess to seven unruly children. Her charm and songs soon win the hearts of the children and their father, but when Nazi Germany unites with Austria, Maria is forced to attempt a daring escape with her new family.

While removals from Disney+ are a common occurrence, usually they are made due to licensing agreements with other streaming services like HBO or Starz, or they’ve been removed for “business” needs, which is usually because they are costing more to have on the streaming service due to residuals and other costs than people are watching. But in the case of “The Sound Of Music”, it’s unlikely to be either of these, because it’s a very popular film and with a global removal, it means a contract with another platform in the United States, won’t impact Australia or the UK.

However, there are many other reasons why titles can be removed from Disney+, such as if there is an error or if they are making an update to the film, such as adding a warning to the film, updating to a better version or editing something they don’t want anymore. Unfortunately, we don’t know the exact reason for the removal.

Disney has also previously removed some films like “Avatar” and “Titanic” from Disney+ when the movies were re-released in cinemas, though “The Sound Of Music” doesn’t fall into that category.  Global removals of very popular films are not usually a regular occurrence and previously have generally only happened for older documentaries, music specials or cancelled shows.

Hopefully, the removal of “The Sound Of Music” from Disney+ around the world is just a temporary move, and the film will be returning soon. When it does, we will be sure to let you know.

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