Some new details have been revealed about the upcoming Disney+ exclusive movie, Lady & The Tramp, that stars Tessa Thompson and Justin Theroux.  The movie will see Grammy winner Janelle Monae performing two original songs for the movie and she will be playing the role of Peg, who was originally voiced by Peggy Lee in the original movie.  She will be singing a new version of the classic song, “He’s a Tramp”.

Monae’s artist collective Wondaland’s Nate “Rocket” Wonder and Roman GianArthur are also “reinventing” “The Siamese Cat Song,” from the original movie.  The new version will seem them take a new direction for the characters and will not be Siamese cats according to Variety’s sources.

“We’re dealing with Wondaland, her team of incredibly creative writers and producers that she works with. So our director has engaged with her in terms of what the storytelling [of] the song needs to be,” Kaylin Frank, a vice president in Creative Music and Soundtracks at Disney, said at the recent MUSEXPO Creative Summit in Burbank, Calif.

The movie is still set in 1910, but it will contain Monae’s personal sound according to Kaylin Frank.

The original “Siamese Cat Song” has been deemed offensive due to its extreme use of Asian stereotypes.

What do you think of Disney changing this song?

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  1. Woke people are sad July 8, 2022

    I get it but come on it could have still been Siamese cats.. After just watching it they kind of killed to really good characters.. So if Siamese cats are racist then I guess I'm a racist for owning some and naming them after the show.. I think this is ridiculous the world we are in now.. We are doing nothing but ruining everything by everyone acting like victims and like they love a harder life then anyone else.. It's actually really sad to see these people thinking they are actually making a really difference for good.. All they are doing is highlighting a problem that they are not fixing instead fueling a fire even bigger.. Also shows that today's directors and writers make nothing original and expect everyone to just love them taking classics and changing them by saying they are woke.. This girl may have changed the song but the reality is she or anyone else isn't creative since this is already an existing movie.. So they pretty much said we are better but just can't create so we will take there blueprint and tweak it so we feel cool.. They are all no good in my eyes.